free buggy on craigslist!!!


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just read the description...........

just in case it gets deleted here is he add..

Up for grabs is this beater. Two seater dune buggy, color is Mexican green. This frame looks like like it was designed and put together by a 9 year old kid with super glue, solid steel petal assembly for extra strength when your dropping the hammer, aluminum gas tank (obviously), dual rear shocks (dual gaybrials) 6 off-road malibu low voltage lights all run off 9volt battery, VW transmission automatic. Needs $100,000 plus to look like its worth something. Dry-rotted 12 year old tires that have been sitting out on my property in Victorville, Micky Thompson off-road front tires with mud Nobie's in the rear. GREAT DUNE BUGGY FOR FREE

Needs a little work and TLC (not the singing group from the early 90's) My family has been laughed at year after year at Glamis trying to make it up the hill, my hubby has shot many loads in this dune buggy.

Will negotiate for two packs of Marlboro super-long bazooka suckers. Please Call High Desert Steve at 951-489-6251 or anytime for pickup please bring a trailer or a towbar, to get this bad boy outa here.

Theres no reason to spend $100,000 on a rail with new technowledgy, when they never update the dunes, the sand has been the same for a million years.


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Go get it dude.

You know you want it.