FREE Fantasy Formula 1 League


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Hey There,

Starting up my fantasy league again. It pretty much couldn't be any simpler. Go to: and create an account in 30 seconds. Click on "leagues" on the top, then Join league. Enter this code and you will be added to my league: 83272237 Its free and you can join as many leagues as you like.

There is a full set of rules on the site. I suggest you read them. Before qualifying, you need to guess who finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, pole, first out, # safety cars, fastest lap, and # finishers. It takes about 1 minute to complete each race week. You get points for everything you get right, bonus points for getting the entire podium right.

You also have a team, where you need to pick 3 drivers and 3 constructors. This will be your team for the entire year. You have a budget, each constructor and driver costs a different amount. You have unlimited changes until after the second race. You then are allowed 8 free changes. Any additional changes will cost you points to make the change.

I hope to see you all out there.