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Surprised this has not been announced by anyone (unless I'm missing it?)...

RUFF-STUFF SPECIALTIES will be supporting this VORRA short course race (9/28/14)!
Meaning yours truly, will be in a Ruff-Stuff Dodge loaded with Lincoln welder/generator, grinders, scrap metal, and some big hammers.

If you see me in a white Ruff-Stuff Dodge and need something re-arranged or melted back together, flag me down. I'll be up and down the pits all day Sunday from 8AM on.

We have done this for many other events including all the Nor-cal Rock races as well as full support at KOH.
Look forward to patching some racers back together, and make sure to stop by the RuffStuff booth.
-Ryan Piggott / RuffStuff Specialties



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It's "Spook City" at Prairie City.
Ryan, they're already lining up for your arrival..
Two so far need your assistance. ;)