Freedom 250 KC Hi-Lites Midnight Special


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<big> Attention All Class 9 Teams! The Big Night Race Is On! </big>

This just in from Jim at MORE. The Freedom 250 KC Hi-Lites Midnight Special to be run on July 27th. will be a combined MORE / SNORE race with start Probably around 7:00 PM. KC Hi-Lites will be putting up $2000 to the overall and both MORE and SNORE will each be adding $2500 in Bonus money to the class winners. At least $1000 to go to class 9. this is in addition to the regular paybacks. For more info and race details contact Jim at MORE directly. The course map will be available as soon as this Fri. June 7th.

Jim gave me a list of pre-entered 9 cars as of today.
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We need to hear from all 9 car teams MORE and SNORE and all others if you plan on racing this sure to be great race! 20 to 25 entries is very possible. Thanks Rob S. #975



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MORE Race info!
The Race will be held on July 27th in Barstow Calif. Race length is 250 miles and will start at 6:00 PM not 7:00. The Tech and contingency will also be held Sat. at the Tanger Mall parking lot and will run until 3 or 4 PM. The time limit will be 8 hours or 2:00 AM Sun. Entry fees are pending but will not be split into two different fees for MORE and SNORE as it was last Nov. but instead will be one combined entry fee with the amount to be decided soon. Payback and bonuses will be according to SNORE rules. Jim Promises and good course for a night race. Awards will be Sun. 28th at the Ramada Inn in Barstow. Stayed tuned for further updates. RS