Freedom 250 - Pro1600


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The 3rd race of the 2003 Pro1600 Shoot Out Series is just around the corner. The Freedom 250! July 26th in Barstow, CA We have 20 cars already pre-entered. Its looking good!Get those 1600 cars prepped and come out and join the compitition! Sign up on the MORE Website @ CHECK OUT THE PAYBACK BELOW!

2003 MORE Racing Proposal

Entry Fees

MORE offers a $360.00 entry fee to all pro classes.
One free car/truck to any race in the "2003 MORE Racing Series" to be raffled off as a fund raiser for Pro1600
MORE will payback 150 per/entry for the Pro1600 class.
MORE Racing has no membership fees.

Prize Money

MORE is offering a $8,000 bonus for 40 entries in Pro1600 class. $1,000 bonus money to be added for every 10 cars after 40.

(Example 50 cars = $9,000 bonus, 60 cars = $10,000)

MORE is offering a $1,000 bonus to any team who beats Rob MacCachren. Must have 50 cars in race and Rob must finish.

Payback Examples

40 Cars

MORE Racing payback at $150.00 per/entry.

MORE Racing bonus for 40 cars.
Pro1600 payback
Total Payback

60 Cars

MORE Racing payback at $150.00 per/entry.

MORE Racing bonus for 60 cars.
Pro1600 payback
Total Payback


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Greg, welcome to RDC! When you take a look at the MORE payback that's only one of the reasons why so many of our members race with Jim. F.A.I.R. members are currently leading the points in classes: 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 1/2-1600! 5 of the top 7 in 1/2-1600 are F.A.I.R. members along with 5 of the top 20 in Pro-1600! Sorry for the bragging, we're having a great year in SCORE and MDR too!

As of last weeks meeting F.A.I.R. has 11 confirmned racers for the Freedom 250 with full support including light trailers at each pit.

With that much money on the line, prep your car, race hard, and use the best pit support in the desert!

Tom Sobray
F.A.I.R. President