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Hi Gang
Ive been talking to Ed Waldheim, the CORVA prez via Email

The place i usually camp at Cal City is being considered for closure
ORVs by the California City city council

most of the desert we camp at is on privet property and/or is owned
by the city

If you are not familiar with the area, it WAS to be a big developed city
(like palm springs).
So someone had the great idea to go out &
pave roads all over the place out there

The desert was subdivided & Investors bought up property
I just so happens, it never panned out,

40 years or so later, things haven't changed much
most of the property sits out there useless
a lot of the property was given back to the city due to
no investment future

The paved roads make great access to people who camp in the area

Now the city council is talking about closing out the off-road community
there argument is we are tearing up all the privet property in the area

Ive been camping in this area for over 25 years, BELIEVE ME IT LOOKS

Ive been wanting to get more involved with this, so im taking off work & going
to the "Friends of jawbone" meeting tomorrow 9:00 am at Silver Saddle ranch

A lot of you folks may say this has nothing to do with desert racing,
but cal city used to host a lot of races& we should fight to keep any
ORV area open whether we race there anymore or not!

CORVA can use additional support, & If anyone is also interested
in going please contact

or me via Email
[email protected]
Wayne Nosala


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It would really be a shame if they closed it. There is a lot of good riding out there. I still see races across the road occasionally. I wish I knew about this earlier so I could take off work and go to the meeting also....

Matt Nelson
Team Kwik Racing


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Hi Gang
I just got back from the "Friends of jawbone" meeting

It defiantly was an interesting mix of people

I would like to thank Ed Waldenhiem & the CORVA folks for letting me attend,
(I kinda invited myself)

It appears that the city council of Cal City have not voted on the ORV issues just yet
We have requested some time to work on resolving this before the town votes to shut
us out

This whole thing is going to be a big can of worms before its over!

 Its a complicated matter between,
some property owners are scared of being sued,
some property owners would like to see tourism dollars brought into the town,
increasing property values

some owners suggest more improvements to camp areas & lure MORE off roaders

some owners want to set aside "parks" for off-roaders

The city owns some of the land, And is also worried about someone getting hurt on
city property& getting sued

the BLM has jurisdiction on some of the land

& the city that isn't sure who owns what!


so this may take a while to sort it all out,

CORVA wants me to be Cal City field rep
They have already given me some stuff to do

The meeting went kinda at a fast pace, a lot of stuff was covered
I may have missed a few things

I might have to be a little more prepared next time

One of the people that spoke at the meeting, was Jeff Niccoli,a sergeant
from the kern county Sheriff Dept, He seems to know the area well,
he had a couple of good stories to tell, he let us know that they are acquiring
new equipment to use in the area, 4 new Quads & a trailer for a command post

It seemed to me most of the people at the meeting were on our side on this

At the end of the meeting, one of the local newspaper reporters
pulled me aside,...gave me a very, in depth history of the town,
then tried to explain to me... the whole political status of the town,
It was very interesting, but
by this time, my brain was about smoking...I wanted
to catch a few of the people that attended the meeting & ask
some questions, but most had already left
Luckly i wrote down names, so i will be in contact
with some of them

Lou Peralta's name was brought up, Ed is going on vacation,
& Lou is going to be taking over Freinds of Jabone effort for now(although
he was not at the meeting)

Also the Arciero's name was brought up, they own a substantional
amont of property in Kohen Valley, & its said they have been very coopertive
in working with Frends of Jawbone

Anyway, I will keep everyone up to date on whats happening


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Everyone in the offroad community should be interested in this. Dont let them close our riding areas. Private land is a whole different story but the public land is everyones and we should be able to use it as such. Just a matter of time before certain folks find a plant or micro organism that will be endangered. Sorry but that is the main modus of operation that certain organizations use to keep us out of public land. I was at a board meeting years ago in Palm Springs about closing areas for offroad use, ie Edom Hill and Windy Point. The main point they were making was that we are destroying the land. The windmills you see now were just being built and those were on public and private land. Private land being the railroad. Most of the riding was being done on existing trails that my dad took me on in the 60,s in our dunebuggy. There was actually a race we tried to put on back in 1969 or 70. The Palm Springs 250. Run on existing trails. It was quashed because of part of the course was on indian land and they werent to happy about it. My point is that we were not detroying the land. The developers of the windmills did more damage to the desert than we ever could. You cannot take a picture anywhere in the pass without a windmill in it. The excuse that offroaders were destrying the lind just didnt fly at all. So I say to you who wanna keep Cal City open. Fight for it and dont give up anything..Good luck. Marc Choquette


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Thanks Matt & Marc for the replies
Im not getting a whole lot of responses to this

Another think brought up at the meeting was West Mojave plan
the BLM is talking about closing about 8000 miles of existing trails
in the So Cal area
I cant wait to see all the whinners come out of the woodwork
when this happens

We need to get involved NOW or loose it!

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Hey Wayne, I know there had been talk around the MDR camp about a possible race in that area. You may want to talk to Patricia to see who they were talking to. Just a thought, and thanks for your efforts.


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Hey Tim,
nice to hear from you
I would love to see desert racing brought back to
Cal City
Paul or Patricia, contact me if I can
help in any way to make this happen


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I was at the OHV leadership meeting on Tuesday with all the OHV groups, AMA, CORVA ( ed heads up the meeting), Cal 4 Wheel, and all the BLM guys. We have 2 race routes in Stoddard and 3 in Johnson Valley. These are going into the WEMO plans as existing routes and I talked to Patricia and she confirmed that we have designated courses now. The 8,000 miles that you are referring to affect the limited use and the B-V races ( but we can't call them races because they go through a limited use area). Racing can't use the limited use areas but that is where a tremendous amount of trail riding and general get-a-ways take place. 8,000 miles of trails is alot considering that there aren't that many areas for people to ride as it is. We have three locations is that Plan to race and that is it. Right now appears to be racing is okay. Martin Gill was at the most recent WEMO meeting and said that WEMO doesn't hurt the open competitive areas, at the next meeting in June they are supposed to release the maps - BUT they are going to start doing soil samples of all the open areas to determine what kind of soil is out there - so nothing is a given...this is a stipulation in that damn lawsuit.

The trail closures will or may also affect racing in ACCESS TO THE RACE we can race - but may not be able to chase or retrieve the vehicles. The Eco-freaks don't even want the heavy equipment to come in an grade the roads due to ground disturbance...they don't want horseback riders or mountain bikers using their trails either.

Friends of Jawbone is a new group from my understanding. Great that you are getting involved with that prepared to be sucked in - there is a lot of work to do and not enough time or people to do it... they are working really hard with the BLM to meet the new standards and keep the area open.

An <font color=yellow>EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MEETING IS THE DESERT DISTRICT ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING JUNE 16 IN RIDGECREST AT THE BLM OFFICES.</font color=yellow> Off-Road to Ruin will be discussed and the authors of that ridiculous report will be there. Support the sport and show up. I can't go - but article will be there to represent me...Please everyone try and go ... show them we are interested and we give a %^$*!

<font color=red>Also today AMA, CORVA and ASA filed a lawsuit to re-open the dunes!</font color=red>

Congrats on the position Wayne - you'll be a great addition to the fight...

<font color=yellow>Paige<font color=yellow>


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wayne-the maps for all the areas in the west mojave are suppose to be at the june 6th meeting for the vehicle access meeting. most of your area was already up at the last meeting. randsburg, cal city, etc were the areas they were showing off publically. as for the private land use issue, there ar some other things to consider. the overall build out plan for the west mojave is 1% of total acreage. that includes homes, commercial, business, wasn't mentioned whether military was included in this. i have been thinking about an idea for awhile and in the case of cal city, it may work since there is a lot of private property out there. how much is an acre of land going for? what about an offroad park with memberships? in the case of cal city, there should be 1000's of acres that can be purchased for little and if managed right, a private club can manage the land and use and should be somewhat sheltered from the attacks the public land is. one of the biggest obstacles is the fear of lawsuits. that can be circumvented if offroading becomes a no fault sport. this has to be declared at the state level and it releases all liabilty of producers of products, land owners, etc, from the lawsuits of folks who want someone else to pay for their mistake. parachuting, hang gliding, skateboardin, kayaking and whitewater rafting all share this designation. you play at your own risk. this would free up a lot of areas that are currently off limits due to the possibility of lawsuts. it would be interesting to see the environmentlists opposing this at the state level because of the ramifications it would cause. we go to the state asking to be released from the ability to sue and the enviros argue against it.
food for thought.

If your gonna go, go BIG


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Hey Martin,
Thanks for the reply
All of what you brought up was mentioned at
the meeting, including the expansion of a military base
Im still getting up to speed on this,
I thank you & Paige for helping me out with information

If i didn't bring up a topic from the meeting, it was because still a little overwhelmed
on all the topics, & they didn't stop & spend much time on them

I do have some maps on the way, & IM told,
some of them are not finished yet

The question on how much for an acre, IM not in real estate,
but my dad is, he does sell real estate in the cal city area,...believe me
he is not making a killing out there, but he keeps me updated on what
the city is doing(thats how i found out about this)
Dad also looked up records on the lot we like to camp at,
it belongs to a fellow in Hawaii,the fellow in hawaii was not interested in
selling it

you mention buying up property, maybe with Green sticker money,
I hate to admit it, but it looks like this might have to happen
(actually it already has & there is designated camp areas in the area
bought for ORVs)
There ARE 1000s of acres of real estate out there to buy up,
but property is divided up into such small lots,(some so small, they
are only measured by feet)
It would take years to figure out where all of the owners are,
City hall is currently working on that now & CORVA has me
working on an assignment with them while they are doing that.

Last, the liability issue, this is the whole key to this fight,
we ARE dealing with property owners, more even than enviros this time
but that's a whole other ball of wax & im sure everyone has had enough
of my rambling :eek:)



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I was reading both of your posts and the idea of buying up property is obviously not new...BUT the green sticker grants is a cool idea. They are curently in process and a grant meeting is coming up July ..something 10th or 21st..anyway - Wayne, Ed has that date and it might be an interesting way to spend the money - then the control goes back to the state and the group that gets the grant. That might be something to explore - besides the enviro's get a good portion of our money to do studies on how to shut us down, so why not spend it on - an actual OHV program...there's an idea.

Martin ~ I think an off-road park is a great idea if we can get around all the issues you bring up, and with all the crap that is coming our way - we need alternate solutions.

FYI ~ somewhat dez related in the larger sense ~ was watching this special on the Fox News Channel last night it was a two parter called <font color=yellow>Vanishing Freedom - who owns America?</font color=yellow> and it was talking about how all these cute little plans from our eco friends are destroying towns and bankrupting farmers and locking up the land. They really centered on Klamith Falls where they just had that bucket brigade - 1200 ranches will go under this year because they can't get water and its because of the ESA. The media is sorta starting to pay attention. they even did a map detailing what our friends with the Wildlands Project want to do ( they want to take 50% of all the land in the US and revert it to wild lands for the animals) They also talked about <font color=yellow>United Nations Agenda Item 21</font color=yellow> - anyone know about this? In a nutshell in 1992 Klinton signed an agreement the gov't would take back ALL of the private property in the US because the UN feels that we are abusing our resources so they want the gov't to run it for us. This is also a ploy for foreign gov'ts to buy up american land in return for foreign debt. Basically, they will work something like a gold mine and reap the benefits - not american companies. I didn't get to see all of the broadcast - but it went was affirming some little bits and pieces I've heard here and there. Pretty scary stuff!
The US will no longer be governed by the people as the constitution says it will be governed by the government...

I'm sure once your head stops spinning - you'll be right in the thick of things Wayne and CORVA is great about getting you up to speed.

Martin and I will be at the next WEMO meeting, Martin's been in the thick of things for so long - he makes my head spin
if you want to attend - I think Ed will be there too - he leaves on vacation towards the middle of June I think.

Keep us updated on your work with Jawbone and where you get with the property issues...I think that will be interesting.

<font color=yellow>Paige<font color=yellow>
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To all who are involved, agenda 21 was started in 1992 or 94 when we should have been paying more attention. I have stated before, dont give an inch to these/eco people. We want to strike an agreement with them that we can work together not be coersed into a settlement that leaves the door open for the to close our land in the future. Sorry if this sounds like a hard stand to take but if you think for one second that they will balk on any of these issues you are mistaken. Its time to play hardball and get into the game. We need money and support and lots of it. The lobbiest for the eco people have lots more resourses. Its nice to have support and people who mean well, dont get me wrong here. We need some serious influence in Washington. GET INVOLVED. Vote these people out of office. Talke the funding away from the BLM....These people need a job too. Electricity is getting more expensive everyday isnt it. The job they have is to support the people but the people funding the BLM is not us ladies and gents. Lets get with the program. IOts more than just riding and having a weejkend getaway. Marc Choquette


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I hadn't heard of Agenda 21 - did I get the gist of it right? What else is involved with it?

<font color=yellow>Paige<font color=yellow>