From the dirt wins "best offroad dvd of the year"//



With tough competition & a packed house at The Shark Club in Costa Mesa, CA – Dirt Alliance
was on hand to support the industry & hang out with players like: Ivan Stewart, Mike Metzger, Malcolm McCassey, Ronnie Renner, Sal Fish & more

“It’s such a good feeling to know that all of our hard work paid off – We put in some long hours
into making the dvd happen & we’re pumped to do it again for FTD 2” – Matt Rodgers – Director “FTD”

A Huge Thanks goes out to our awesome sponsors, our diverse cast of athletes & our artists that supplied a top notch sound track that make this dvd a winner!

Kalgard Lubricants - Addicted 2 Riding Apparel - The Fab School - No Fear - Federal Sandrail

Kyle Leduc, Logan Darien, Nate Adams, Chad Leising, Kyle Engle, JC Kelley, Nick Mazzio & More

INVERSE, Divide the Day, J King, The Formula, Wafeek, The Pricks, Ras, Chaser, Faded Chroniclez & More

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the dvd – Get it at or any No Fear Retail store


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Never even heard of it, I wonder who was voting:rolleyes:


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Hmmm. Yeah. I own the video, got it as a present. Was sure glad I didn't buy it with my own money. one quater of a Dezert People video has more truck footage than the entire FtD video did.


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Ever notice the guy posting these threads just posts these lame azz threads and that it:rolleyes:


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Ok, John, I will take you up on this..... you are a sure bet to put out good stuff, but I am getting ready to release my best stuff so far. May the best video win next year. The problem is that this award is based on voting and I suspect that these dirt alliance bros have more bros than live in either of our home towns put together, Parker, AZ, and Grand Junction, CO. I'll vote for yours if you vote for mine!

I have not seen the dirt alliance video that won, but I know that I have never seen any good short after-race videos here on RDC. Do the desert alliance even have a video license with SCORE and BITD? Do they attend and shoot SNORE? maybe they do, I am just asking.

C'mon, people, stand up and vote for the "non-bros" videos.

WICKED GRAVITY VIDEO is weeks away from releasing a trailer for IN DUST WE TRUST -3.
(just waiting to clear badazz music rights.)


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My guess is the Dirt Alliance doesn't make it to many races. Racing is not cool enough for their "lifestyle". Flatbilled hats, girls with skunk colored hair, and "mobbing" trucks for videos with no safety equipment is their "liftestyle" (not a reference to the Jeff Siefert jump). If you saw their first video you would see what I'm talking about. Sheer stupidity.