Front and Rear F150 Suspension


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A have a problem off what too do, I want too build my Front and Rear Suspension of my F150 ext. cab truck. and have some debate on how do it.
*One option its too put trailing arms and put the shocks on them (Really near too the cab, like a coil over suspension) with Leaf Springs???
* And the other one its too try too acomodate the shocks like a a Full Stock Supension (On the rear and under the bed with out making any holes??
Want to make a usable rear suspension with 2.5" King Shocks, and still have preferably all my bed, the plan its too have about 16- 18" off travel.

For the front for some time im going too run a 4x4 I beams (Removing all the stuff of the 4wd) with custom made Radius arms with 4-6" lift coils and a 2.5 King Shock. On the future a will put some custom chromoly I Beams withg the 4x4 ends on them.

This its my first truck that Im building and drive it.

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To get 16-18" out of the rear, the shocks have to go through the bed.

If you want trailing arms, make sure you cycle it so everything works out, or you can have breakage while running leaf springs.

I think you should just run some 10" shocks under the bed and live with it.

For the front, why would you want 4x4 beams if your not going to run 4x4?

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I'm also have the same desire for shocks under the bed ( cab in the bronco's case). To get 18'' of wheel travel you need a 14'' shock. 2.5's are too long to fit. My solution was to run 2 2.0's per side with a hydrualic bump stop and national repalcment leafs. Kind of like the autofab kits. On the front go with the longer radius arms with the lower ball joint moved out for camber correction. Also a hydrualic bump on the front of a ford 4X works mericals. Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good 4X is beyond Me for a prerunner. I've had to pull out quite a few converted prerunners. Stick with the 4X, you'll need it in the silt beds....


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My truck its a 93 2wd, and 4x4 beams are because this beams are stronger that the stock 93 2wd beams and because begging next year Im going with a custom made chromoly beams with the spindles from the 4x4

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