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Front Beam Bushing Question.

C. Ellis

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I am new to class 9 here in UTAH. I need new bushing and I see that there are some on KARTEK that are SACO and I have seen some from EMPI that are red. Is there a big difference between the two?


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The red are urethane and the white from Kartek are Delrin. In a racing application the urethane ones don't hold up very long, but we've used them over the years. IMHO we always ran the stock needle bearings as long as possible then changed only what was necessary to Delrin. We used the urethane as that was all that was available back in the day; it worked but we replaced them almost every race and they sucked... All the 16/12 cars use them or the grey ones from Fodrill if I remember correctly.?.? Caution when putting the Delrin ones in: The material is very brittle and if you force it and/or hit it too hard or at an angle or don't ream then correctly/enough (16/12 thing) it can shatter/explode and I have a scar to prove it...