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Front Disk Brake kits


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Does anybody make kits for bigger rotors/calipers for, say, street driven Rangers, Yota's, etc ? I would think the demand would be high with the increasingly larger tires used, but I don't have sufficient contacts in this area to know.
If there is a demand I can put a vendor in contact with a kit maker. They have the expertise to make the kits since they also make the other bits. This would have to be a vendor because they aren't going to do less than 15 initial kits and will only want one contact person. That isn't me.

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For the 2wd toyotas (pre-tacoma chassis) it is possible to convert from the standard brake setup to the 1 ton brake setup. I have made this conversion on my truck replaceing both the rotors and calipers. It is a very simple swap retaining the stock spindle. I noticed a considerable decrease in stopping distance.
I believe on the 7s toyota that S&S motorsports used to run they were using toyota 1 ton rotors and then mounted (welded new mounts to 2wd spindles) the toyota 4wd calipers...which is actually a 4 piston caliper (pretty cool huh). I am not sure if this setup is still being used on the truck because I believe donahoe built custom spindles for it a while back, I believe they retained the same hub and brake setup, though I am uncertain.
One additional thing to think of with brake swaps is brake bias. I am not sure of all the ways a larger volume caliper affects a brake system but I would imagine a considerable amount. With my brake install I also installed an adjustable front/rear proportioning valve and it seems to work sufficient.
One more additonal thing to add while were on the brake topic, at least for the toyota guys (the ford, chevy, dodge, and everybody else probably also). It has been my experience that the autozone, pepboys, kragen, etc.. brake pads don't really cut it with heavy abuse. I agree the lifetime warranty is hard to pass up, but basically all your getting is a guaranteed piece of I failed spelling. Stick with the factory stuff, you will be happy in the long run. Just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.



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I was specifically thinking of Ranger's with their dinky front rotors, but wasn't going to limit my quiery to just that vehicle.
For the 4wd Yota caliper conversion, which caliper is used, the SA or the IFS ? On the SA's a common conversion is to use LC rotors and the IFS calipers to get vented rotors. Not only are both versions of the caliper 4 piston, cast iron bodied calipers, they're also differential bore. Haven't done any flex testing of them though.

Remember, Amateurs built the Ark, Professionals built the Titanic.