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Front Lights

steve scott

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We ran a UTV in the Mint 400 and had mechanical issues during the first lap. By the time we got parts and back together again we found that we got back on the track right in front of the lead class 10s on their second lap. We were working hard to get out their way when caught. I think we have a louder than average UTV but of all of the cars that passed we only heard one horn. Possibly teams may want to consider upgrading sirens but it may be we are exceptionally loud. There are sections where all you see behind you is your dust if you don't have some open corners to check what is coming. The one thing that was really helpful was the cars with good front lights. Not sure what the best combination of color or flashing is the best but for me it made a huge difference in seeing if someone was behind me.


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I agree that during the day flashing lights seem to get my attention the most. Because of this on my calss 10 I put my front Riged LEDs on a switch which either strobes, off, or on solid.