front travel

brad inch

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how much travel are you guys getting without hurting the ball joints?.what are the best ball joints these days? thanks


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I'm not the expert on this. But I went to Bugformance asking about ball joints. They had Brazilian and Italian and said they didn't stock the Germans because they're too stiff for stock bugs but they would order them for Forest Creasy back in his day. If that's what Forest ran that's what I want to run.


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Febi or Bilstein ball joints. They will live for a while as long as you don’t use full travel with the wheels turned lock to lock all the time. I had Forest Creasey’s car and he set his front end up different than Silcock. I don’t think either design really has any ball joint issues.


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Knowing you it will be cool and unique!

Just don't turn the co-driver at an angle: I heard-they tend to puke 🤢


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Febi is what we used