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Fud 200( early results)


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just got back from the Fud 200- S. McMillin just O/A with room to saper in the old Jefrries PorterBilt..

nice & warm out there, not to many entries since its a holiday weekend I think?

other Mcmillin car was damaged and out .

K.I.T racing was hauling the mail as usual...

Have a good holiday all


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nice pix-
Chuck Hoveys new V4 is SWEET. sounded good, but he was off pace a bit..Its about time he got something besides that beam car. Too bad there werent more trucks. Timmy Lawrence (TLR) was on the gas all day!



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You know there wasn't many entries when a class 1/2 1600 takes second overall. Or was that the rough course that claimed all the faster cars.
Eric Allen
K. I. T. Racing
(Second Overall)