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fuel cell can


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anybody know the cost of a replacemnt fuell cell can, either steel or aluminum, in the 37x21x11(22 gal) size??
got a used jazz cell, today, but the old can is gonna need more work than it's worth...i think i'll just buy a new one.


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dammit....jaz doesn't sell replacement cans, they say that they are all drilled individually with the plastic in 'em. this sucks.


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Speaking of fuel cells, I'm going to be putting a fuel cell in my toyota and I was wondering how difficult is this to do on a EFI truck (my engine is the 22re). Is there any special parts I need to install or can I just use stock parts. Thanks.


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Gary, Jazz should have explained that the other reason they do not sell cans separately is that the plastic cell expands when filled with fuel, filling the can. You would not be able to get the old bladder shoved into the new can anyway. It is not a money issue, their cells are already reasonably priced, so the only way to save money now is to make your own box. Hope this explains it a little better. By the way, this info came after Kartek checked for me.