fuel cell foam or not ?


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Please remind me why the foam inside the fuel cell is so important to off road racing.....ive been having trouble with clogged fuel lines and clogged gas filters lateley, and the cell foam is new, and i always empty el tiburons fuel cell afer every race.. Considering taking it out



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Pretty sure it acts like a baffle, keeps the fuel from sloshing around.

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It also stops the fuel from gushing out if the bladder were to ever get ripped open. It's supposed to drip out instead... or something like that. Probably originated for circle track types of events where you have thousands of people sitting right next to the track just waiting to get sprayed with high octane fuel vapor... and ending up with 3rd degree burns across their entire bodies. Sadly enough, it's happened before.

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i think i'd buy better foam. skip the summit stuff and go straight to fuelsafe, you'll never change it again.

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What kind of Fuel Cell do you have, and where did you get the new foam? It is my understanding that Fuel Safe has been having problems with some of the foam that they recently used. If you got your foam from them, you better call them for information.


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We got a new cell from fuel safe a while back, july 2001, and we had many problems with foam residue from the manufacturing process. Called them up but they said there wasn't much they could do about it. It has gone away after about a year of running fuel through the car and changing the filters quite a bit. One other thing to check is how you pick up tube is in the tank. We chased many problems else where in our car but it ended up being that the pick up tube for the cell was pushed up against the wall of the cell with the protective filter sock doubled back on itself at the end of the tube. The car would do fine at idle but when you'd get on the gas it would start to pop and hesitate. Ended up being the computer compensating for the lack of fuel pressure. We ended up taking off the protective sock in the tank and we now run a filter before the pump and one after and it works fine.

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my fule cell is RCI i think, but the new foam is fuel safe, we allready took out the protectie sock from the pick up line, and also run a filter before the back up pump and one after,w,e usually drain the cell after every race, ill be opening it up next week, ill let you guys know what the problem is, maybe the new foam is letting a lot of residue in the pick up line.
Exactly like desertracer says, it would work well on idle but will start coughing when you floor it, and being racing what it is, it allways works well when pre running and start giving me trouble at mile 5 of the race !!!!!

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Actually, you owe fuel cell technology to aircraft. That is where the bladder design came from. To the best of my knowledge Sports Car racers were the first to use this approach.

Aircraft is also where Nitrous Oxide injection came from. It was used on early P-38's for high altitude manuvering power.


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