Fuel Cell Hook Up Question!?!?!


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Ok I am trying to hook up my fuel cell in my 1985 Mazda RX7 Carb. Engine.

There are 3 lines coming off the stock fuel tank,

These 2 are going directly to the carberator:

I was guessing one was the feeder line and one was a return line? Someone told me I do not need a return line with a carb? Can anyone confirm this and if so what do I do with the line?

The 3rd line off the tank is going to this, (Charcole Canister?) do I need to tie this line into the cell? Or can I just ditch this line? Do I just plug it or what?

Any help would be appreciated!

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The 3rd line going to the charcoal canister is for smog purposes. It is part of the evaporative system.


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Get a Chiltons!

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my toy is carb'd, with the same 3 lines...bypassed the charcoal line altogether-not smog legal, but it runs fine...straight from the pump to the carb. the other is a return line- goes back into the cell, though i never got a drop of fuel back out of it?????


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Might as well ditch the line for the smog. If your running a cell without the proper fill neck, it really doesn't matter if you run it or not..


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smog check is almost worth more then the car!!!


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Ok I got it hooked up.

I ditched the smog line.

The return line I ran back into the feeder line and it works great. Runs like a champ!

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