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Fuel Cell Pump Pressure Issue


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Anyone ever have an issue with a Pyrotect Fuel Cell Pump in regards to its pressure and have a common solution? Brand new cell and pump purchased together (PyroCell Elite, 32 gallon Aluminum with an intank Fuel Pump: Single High Pressure Pump) and can only get 25 PSI out of it and my engine takes about 51 PSI at idle...any common reasons for the PSI to be unable to go above such a low # right out of the box other than a bad pump?

jon coleman

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yup, possible, i once got bad efi lifetime warranty replacement from pepboys, 4 ' lifetime pumps later i switched.your regulator?, type? , quick chek of pump u can slowly sqweez off return line to see if psi goes up to ??,BE carefull!!!, do it just quick enough to eliminate pump.check and re check hose's and wiring.efi pumps need Full juice.what ever u do, remember you are dealing with Fuel, extinguishers& big wet beach towels make great quick smother fire ext.hope this helps

Bert is my name

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Is the cell vented? Could be vacuum build up. Try it with cap off to verify. Check voltage to pump. Needs to be full battery voltage at least. Preferably full alternator voltage around 14 volts.


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Tried just about everything...Pyrotect says it is likely a bad fuel pump...which is a Walbro GS3340 (Ford Mustang high pressure pump) that we will be swapping out in the next 48...we'll see if its really the reason...doesn't give me much faith in it...
At least it's a common enough pump. Cheap and easy to check. I prefer Delphi to walbro. It wouldn't be the first walbro I've seen be junk right out of the box.
Redundancy for fuel and ignition systems is a damn good idea. Or ditch the in tank pump and run the Holley stealth dual pump. Less fittings and plumbing if you go that route.


Biggest problem with any Walbro pump is finding a genuine Walbro pump. The same goes for Bosch. Just because you think you have a Walbro pump doesn't mean you don't actually have an el-cheapo Chinese-o knock-off. If you have verified the inlet to the pump is NOT blocked or restricted (kinked line?) I'd point a finger at the pump. If you aren't already using the Holley Hydramat you probably should be. It's not cheap but properly sized the Hydramat virtually eliminates fuel pump pickup and starvation issues at low fuel levels in the cell. The stuff is super awesome.

nothing wrong with a Walbro pump at all. proven reliable and low cost.

as pointed out above...there are tons of counterfeits (it not just pumps, but sensors and all sorts of other stuff being copied and made to look OEM).

also need to check your pressure regulator. if the diaphragm has a tear in it......you wont make pressure.

jon coleman

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yup, a tear will do it, i used holley low psi w- an efi compatible diaphrm.stiffer spring & vented it to dump on ground if another tear happend.ran it from 03 to the day i sold car..last year.still set at 40 - 45 psi.