Fuel Cell Vent - need ideas ...


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Jul 17, 2001
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I posted this over in "Safety" .. pardon the re-post, but I was hoping someone over here might have some additional ideas ..


Ok, I've got an older 12 car - built before a lot of the new safety regs. I'm trying to keep it up to date, bu sometimes it's a real challenge, so any ideas would be welcome!

1) The new BITD rules for fuel cell venting: The cell sits on the bottom of the car, so no vent line can pass under it. It sits 3/4" from the frame on each side, so it's durn near impossible to run the vent line down or around the side of the cell. Other then "get a new cell and mount it higher", and ideas?

2) OK, so we figure out the first issue - now I've got this 1" ID vent line hanging below the car. Whatever filter I use gets beat to heck and usually destroyed in a single race. What the heck do you do to not put the filter in harms way but still not let dirty air right into the cell?

Finally, BITD wants a chassis member between the fuel cell and the drivers compartment - I've got a firewall, but no chassis bar - and putting one in would make removing the fuel cell impossible. (I know, get a new cell and mount it differently....). I know there are a bunch of cars out there with similar configurations ... ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

Jim Carius


May 5, 2005
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For venting, access through the top of the cell. Run the line up the chassis behind the driver or codriver (B pillar) and back down the same section near the trans. Strap it to the lower torsion housing but be very sure that if the cell spits when it is topped off the overflow line is not sitting above the trailing arm. I have seen several cars overflow when filling and the fuel runs down the arm to the (VERY HOT) brakes and ingnites.

As far as the chassis bar across the front of the cell. Use the tube couplers on both ends of the cross bar so you can remove it when you need to pull the cell. Camburg, McKenzies and Kar-Tek all carry these couplers and I don't see any reason that will not pass tech. Best to ask Art first.

Link to couplers