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Fuel mileage question

I just bought a used 4 seat prerunner with a vortec 4.3 6 cyl Chevy motor and mendi 4 speed trans. Runs 35 generals, not to heavy and moves pretty good. Just wondering what kind of fuel mileage should I expect with this setup. Motor runs on pump gas and I believe it's fuel injected. Has a throttle body and a fuel management CPU. Thx I. Advance ! -

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Turbo Dog

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Since it will vary a lot with driving styles, just fill it up go put some miles on it and then fill it back up and do the math. My 1835cc carbureted Chenowth only averages about 10 mpg.

dzrt performance

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agreed. fuel economy is just as much how hard you drive it as is the terrain you or in. impossible to just throw a number out there.