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Full bump belly height


Building a new truck from the ground up. Curious what belly height you guys are getting at full bump. I was thinking somewhere around 6 to 10"
If it helps I'm doing A arm and trailing arms.
Chevy v8
And 37-40 inch tires.
At 10" with a 37 13.5 17 the rim and belly will be level at full bump


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Probably have to add some more information on what you are building and "racing.". It is not unusual to only have 3-4" ground clearance on 40" tires...and pretty much zero with the tire flattened out. Skids at a shallow angle are important. Yes, it hurts.

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I’m sure someone smarter then me can chime in but from what I have seen from most TT looks around 2”-4” at full bump.

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I've always stuck a 4x4 under skid plate when building bump stops/shock mounts FWIW