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Full size stars & stripes race truck accident???

Curtis Guise

I just heard that today on a freeway in the So Cal area there was a big accident where a race truck came off the trailer on the freeway and was sitting on it's roof.... And it looke dlike a full size painted with stars and stripes... Does anyone know who this was? The first that came to our mind was the Team EJR protruck....

No matter who this happened to, I feel for them and hope everyone involved is ok....

Juice Designs

John Bitting

That is the only truck I know of besides the Layton truck but not sure if that thing is around... Where did you hear this??


Isn't the Pechansky truck kind of stars and stripy?



Gabe Lara

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Re: Full size stars & stripes race truck accident?

Bob Land's Bronco pre-runner was painted stars and stripes as well, but haven't seen it since the 2000.


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The part of the five where it happened is two minutes south of my house. Traffic was REALLY bad. It took me an hour last night to go 12 miles to get home from work. I am sorry to here that someone lost their truck. They had signs up on the freeway telling people there had been an accident. I think it was just after Christianitos road in south San Clemente. I hope noone was seriously injured!


I'm assuming there was only one accident yesterday? If so, it was Malcolm Vinje's "Hydrotex" 7S truck. It occured on the 15 freeway just past the 91. They were headed to the Vegas - Reno race when a rear tire in their van exploded, thus sending the van and trailer w/ race truck into a death wobble. It eventually spun into the center divider, ripping the truck off the trailer and sending it rolling down the highway. Amazingly no one was injured and it looks as though everything might be repairable. Needless to say, they aren't racing this weekend.


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That was the one, Matt saw it in the center divider w/ the van on his way home from the shop. We live off that exit, there are accidents there EVERY time it rains, people do not realize the speed of the grade. We are glad to hear everyone was OK! TKS for the info.