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Fun with Classifieds!


Crayola Killer
I have the same vintage Alumicraft and it has been a great car! Someone is going to score with this one. What are the tabs for on top of the spindle?
From what I was told it had front fenders at one time.


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I would buy the TK 790 radio for sale if the guy would answer the phone or a text. 2nd trip through the classifieds .

jon coleman

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years back i got about 4 calls , asked,' how does it run?', ( they were serious) add: 86 jeep cj 7 , roller only, no engine or transmission.has roll cage, bill of sale only.350.00$guy who finnaly bought it said he's gonna build sand car.wonder if it got done.....

Ol' Curmudgeon

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Dean Jefferies "Coyote," IIRC.

Ol' Curmudgeon

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Close, but I don't think it is an "Ocelot," which utilized the headlights from a 6v sedan:


I think it is the Ocelot SS:

The headlights on Jon's post had made me suspect, since the "Kyote" featured inset headlights.

Thanks for your research.
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The roll bar is what makes it...