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Fun with Classifieds!


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I have, I choose parts and I get every section that has 'chassis' or 'frame' in it. I live with it, but still annoying.
It's just to the right of "POST NEW AD" on my screen, appears on "Orr Road Racing Vehicles" as well.

Using Chrome here.

Chris Tobin

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Working for me in Chrome


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131461 this Dodge has been on ebay for $399,000 for a long time. Baddest TT class 8 ,stock full 7s truck ever . Now reduced price and ready to overall the B1k unless a 10 car takes it :)


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Curious as to how long even RCV CV/axles and the trans will hold up to 200-300HP with paddles? Must be an interesting ride with the HP & wheelbase if it's not smooth...

RZR XP1000 Z1 Turbo Swap



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There is nothing more hypocritical than someone prostituting a charity in the name of racing unless they are willing to match all donations being made .If the cause is so important to the team to solicit funding they should have said amount ready to donate regardless to match the donation they are asking for prior to any other racing expenses encored .Meaning that if they didn’t get any offers for their charity that they would still donate the $5000 because they strongly believe in the charity before racing or just sit this one out because they gave their disposable income (racing funds) to their charity. I would respect that and consider them charity worthy instead of marketing Scabs


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We're just trying to have a little fun in here, guys. Lighten up


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Eff the classifieds.... and this thread... tons of negativity texts.... Still no piano...


Hey, sell your offshore boat and bye a trophy truck for your annual glory race in Mex. Dont worry about the spectators, you paid a lotta money to be a hard hearted wannabe.