Funco fiberglass?


Baja Bobsled Team
I am looking at a single seat Funco, but it is missing the roof and back glass. Does anyone know of someone who has the molds or better yet finished parts?


Crayola Killer
Contact Norm Francis or @LantanaTX , they both know of ways to get fiberglass for these cars.


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We have molds for the roof and rear sail panels. However our car is a tall cage car.The sail panels were molded from the Bel-Ray Bullet and the roof was molded and modified from the low cage Bob Maynard low cage car. I forget the guys name but he owns Ted Nugent's old car and that guy has molds for the side pods, hood and cowling. All mentioned are for the single seat SS2


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I have a set of rear panels. A sizable piece of the shock area has been cut away but fixable.

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