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Funco SS1 Chassis for sale


I just posted this to the classifieds:

Im selling my Funco SS1 project. I bought the buggy about a year and a half ago, but with a new baby, I have no time for it. Since I bought it I have had it sandblasted, removed 40 years of useless brackets, rivet holes etc, and replaced a bent torsion housing with an IRS unit, and sleeved the bottom rails (they didn’t needed it, but I did so anyway). As it sits now, it is a clean bare chassis. It is very straight and original. It comes with a set of boxed rear arms, front arms, fuel cell , jamar shifter, body panels, rear cage and various other parts.

Other parts I have for the car which are available separately are:

Porsche steering box, Porsche spindles and brakes
002 transmission built by Rick St John (Powerbox) in San Diego with receipt
A set of centerlines

Norman Francis is familiar with this chassis



Retro Francis

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All the hard work has been done. All the grinding and grunt work complete. New torsion housing. Very good starting point. A Great NORRA or BITD Vintage class car.