Funniest Desert Racing Story?


Jerry Maguire
What is everybody's funniest desert racing story? Can be racing, chasing or spectating! I'll go first...

It was at the Baja 1000 I think 3 or 4 years ago and it involved the Truggy. We were camped out at Erindera (SP) and were sitting right on the coast, were there is the fence on one side and the cliff on the other and it is extremely narrow. Some extremely drunk guy and his wife decide to set up camp right there, practically on the course. He sets up his tent and then parks his truck right next to it and then goes to bed. Well about two hours later the Truggy being driven by Jimmy Smith comes by on his second lap and, if you have ever been there you know that there is one huge "hole" in that section, and he must of forgot about the hole because he didn't slow down and stuffed the truggy in the hole at about 60 mph. As a result, he broke the left front wheel in half, and this caused him to lose control and plow right towards the guy camped out. He luckily missed the tent by about 6" and instead side swiped the guys truck, knocking the back tire of the cliff and ripped a 4" gash down the length of the truck and smashing in all panels. He backs up and takes off just as the drunk guy and his wife get out of the tent and she proceeds to let lose a stream of profanities that would have put Rosanne Bar to shame! (not to mention she looked just like her) As the guy walks around his truck he almost fell off the cliff as he was to drunk to notice that his truck was half off the cliff. What makes it even funnier is that he pulled a stuck Protruck out earlier (still wasted of course) and after the initial tug, just stopped before the guy could stop the Protruck and it rolled into the back of the guys truck, smashing in the tail gate and bumper. I felt sorry for the guy but couldn't help but laugh (as well of the rest of the people there) because this guy was SOO wasted and deserved it for camping on the course. Hopefully, he learned his lesson.

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I have so many, but here is one very similiar to yours. Barstow about 1983 for the Fireworks race. This guy and his wife pull up in an old Scout and a brand new Dodge D50 p-up. We were in the rollers heading back into the college. He parks, sets up a tent, a camp stove and leaves both trucks on the outside of a steep, uphill, blind corner, then takes his and his wifes butts over to the inside of the curve to watch from lawn chairs. First car through was the 2 car of Temples hauling ass. Car caught quite a bit of air and heads straight for the encampment. You could see the driver trying to get that car turned in mid-flight he was cranking on the wheel so hard. He splits the tent and D50 and rams the Scout.Quick reverse and back onto the course to keep the first on the road spot. They guy runs over to the scout and yanks on the tailgate and it falls onto the ground. Classic. Everyone starts laughing until he and his wife start looking for witnesses so he can sue Temple and have him arrested for hit and run. I think the guy learned quickly that everyone there thought he was an S.O.B. for even thinking like that.

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Not the funniest, but around 97 at the 500 in the same spot (erindira) I watched a Mexi-Mullet take a '78 camaro with donut spares on to the course and got it stuck. You could here Ivan coming (first year with the V8 ?). Everyone was yelling at him to move, so he pinned the throttle, thru the huge rock section, airs the thing out, mullet bouncing, blows an o-ring(small tire), puts a hole in his oil pan, barely moves out of the way. Ivan blows through there and flings a rock right up and through the guys windshield. Funny as hell.


One of the funniest or rather craziest things I ever witnessed was at the 1996 B1K. I was codriving with Gary Mecham and shortly after the start we were on Guadalupe wash and the truck's radiator hose came off. The only liquid I had was water from our drink system and 4 little Arrowhead bottles. To say the least it was not enough water. Our chase was fixing a flat on the other truck closer to the start. So we pulled over and I started fixing the problem when Gary said "I am going to try and get some water." I said "WHAT!", we're in the middle of nowhere land. Gary walks off and I see him disappear down the course ahead.

About an hour later, I see Gary walking toward the truck with a bottle of water and following along with him was about 8 little kids ages 7-14!!! Each one of them have some sort of container holding water. Picking up the rear of the crazy site was an American missionary who had been working at the local church (you know, the church of Guadalupe wash) and he took the kids to spectate down by a road crossing. So, each kid got to fill the radiator with a little bit of H20 and it gave us enough water to go a couple of miles where we hooked up with our chase.

I still find the vision of Gary walking with all these kids absolutely funny. I never would have thought that he would find water from them. I figured it would be someone elses chase or something.



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watching an 11 car finish the MDR night race with one working light and 2 1/2 cylinders running, about o'dark thirty in the morning, it sputtered then farted itself across the finish line, then stalled completely. The exhausted codriver got out, let out a HoooYaw!, slammed the door shut, and it fell off the car.... Not exactly a Kodak moment.


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I've only been to one race so I will tell some funny things that happenned there. It was the Lucerne 300 a couple of weeks ago and we camped the road the chasers use (the same one that went to the wall) and in the morning before the start we were sitting eatin breakfast and people are haulin ass by goin to the wall. Right in front of our camp there was a set of 3 woops that no one could untill they hit it and they would hit them and just bounce 3 or 4 times in their stock trucks at like 40mph. Then a little later we got to the wall and there was a lifted Rolls Royce that was bonzen through some woops off the track and that was pretty funny. After that we ended up at this wash where they were racing and we were sitting above it watching and this 5 car just runs right on top of this boulder at like 35 and rolls off the top of it and ends up upside down in the track. So we had to roll it back over and flag down the other race cars so they wouldn't hit him. When he finally got going the passenger side door would not close. The fact that they crashed was not funny but seeing it smack into the rock at 35 kinda was. They were all OK.



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In the 96" BITD Vegas to Reno our truck ran out of gas about 2 miles from a pit, but it was across a long valley so we could see the truck, but it also had radio trouble so we could not talk and of course could not help (BITD rules) so we were watching with bynoculars and we would see the truck start and go for a few hundred feet, then stop again then start and stop. This continued until it got to the pit, but as it got closer, as the truck was moving we would see something hanging off the back of the cage, when he finaly got to us we could see our co-driver was driving and the pass seat was empty. As he stopped in front of us we found out what was on the back, it was the driver with the fuel pickup in his hand with the filler off the top of the tank, and he was chasing the fuel around in the tank, and as the co-driver would get going to fast bouncing him around, he would pull the hose out slowing him down. At the pit we put it all back together filled it up and took second for the class.


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It was the 95 Prim ( I think?) there was a small section where you could park next to the course and watch. So while we are waiting for the first car to come through a herd of Disco trucks comes rolling up doing donuts and dusted this poor family bad . So then they park on the outside of this gravel up hill corner. I walked over to warn the guys but before I could get there Robby came sliding though and popped a few windows, it sounded like someone through a bucket of BB's on a tin roof. They got it again before they could get them all moved. Pretty dam funny.


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1999 Primm 300..... Kind of rocky section by Pit A this year, but it was C that year....telling people to watch out for rocks getting kicked up....then I get drilled right between the eyes by no other than Jerry Whelchel.... I told him thanks for the Autograph....and laugh our asses off afterwards... I have it all on video... Good thing the rock was only the size of a 50 cent piece, or I would have been going to the hospital...


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This may not be the funniest story ever, but I found it very humorous, at the 2000 primm300 we were at pit c I believe it was and the Herbst truggy rolls up into the pit with a rear flat. There was about 50 red shirts around that thing, lug nuts were flyin, tires were flyin and when they droped the jack they had put the same flat tire back on the truggy and then it was time to run around like crazed animals and put a good spare on it

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Not really racing but, in 85 or 86, Down on old Puertecitos road (The only road back then) about 20 miles south of SF. sitting there taking a breather on our bikes when of in the distance to the south We hear this strange noise. BBBWWWOOOOPPPPMMMMMM. It keeps repeating and getting louder. So we all start to take bets on what it is. A few minutes later this old chevy with a camper shell comes around the corner. There's no hood and sitting on the cowl stradling the motor is a local with a gas hose in is hand. On the roof is another local with a 5 gal.gas can. They have a siphon going and the hose guy is controling the speed by dumping gas into the whole where the carb used to reside! Rich-lean-rich-lean..... Hence the noise... There was about three families in the truck and they all seemed to act like this was the normal way to go to town. BBBWWWOOOOPPPPMMMMMM. BBBWWWOOOOPPPPMMMMMM. This is probibly the strangest thing I have ever seen sober. I have wittnes's to.


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1984 Score Parker 400 (I swear this all really happened)

DAY 1: While prerunning the race with my old Hi-Jumper buggy, we tore off all the bolts on the stock VW steering box out in the middle of nowhere on the Ca side right before Thunder Alley. We come across a pipe welding outfit, they welded the box to the beam with an arc welder! How about that one?
At the end of the pre-run, we discovered the chassis was breaking in half. We asked around for a welder. Roger Mears was there with his brand new Semi, with a brand new Miller Mig welder, never used. Roger with a Budwiser in one hand and a big smile on his face. "Let me know how it works, I've never used it". Worked great, thanks Roger.

DAY 2: Prerunning again, rear wheel bearing goes out. Limped it back to main pits where my chase guy is standing there without my truck. He said it's stuck on the North side of the course with the key broken off in the ignition and the camper shell door broken off. No one wanted to drive that far, so with my tool box in hand, I flagged down a highway patrol officer who was heading up hwy 95 The cop also a prisoner in the back seat behind the metal divider. On the ride, the prisoner was trying to tell me he was innocent, blah blah. I just wanted to get to my truck ASAP. I got the truck fixed, I had to hot-wire truck, so all weekend I had to pop the hood and touch another wire to battery to start it.

Me and my group of friends (who looked like ZZ Top) then went to a local hotel to rent a room to take showers. We only wanted it for a few hours, the guy said he couldn't do that, only nightly. OK, fine. We took showers and head to the SCORE Dinner for racers in Parker. After eating some kind of greasy pork, we all needed to use the toilet badly. We head back to the hotel to find our room rented out to a couple with a kid. The desk clerk saw us coming, locked the front door and hid under the front desk. Just so happens, right next to the lobby was the power box to the whole hotel. We turned off the power. All kinds of people were coming out of their rooms wondering what the hell was going on. The scared to death clerk refunded our money, happily.

RACE DAY: On the first lap, I was driving a class 2 car, I was hit in the rear by Frank Arciero, the first hit took out the bumper, the second hit took out the all the exhaust pipes on the motor before I could get out of the way. It sure was loud when I limped it back to a pit. While assessing the missing rear bumper problem, everyone was looking at my brand new trailer built out of tubing. Out comes the SawzAll, my trailer was now lighter and the race car had a new bumper. My Hi-jumper was also raped for its exhaust system.
Then my partner got in the car, on the last lap in the dark he hit a tree in Osboure Wash going about 90mph, thus bending the car and ending our day.

I got a flat tire, changed that. Then while on the 10 fwy, the hood blows off my Hi-Jumper, my buddy behind me pulls up and yells while we are still going down the fwy "Dont bother stopping for it, all my truck AND trailer tires hit it." I was told it made an impressive explosion.

I still laugh still to this day about this race.