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Funny Mobile Game forOff Road Racer and Everyone (Except my Uncle)


Hey guys, I just finished developing my own game that inspired by several Off Road racing, especially desert race and rock crawling, but in a different way!

I make it more funny and relaxing :D

You can play for free on ANDROID and iOS gius!

I hope you enjoy it, start your engine and lets race!! :D


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Cool game , especially like the nod to Tamiya RCs . I've unlocked Wild Willy so far .


Glad to know you like our game!! :D

You may try killer krawler if you want more offroad sensation.


I'm after the Baja Bug . Any cheats available lol ?
no cheat but here is the tips for baja bug :D :

At level 3 sewer, you will much easier using small, low car such as Dune Buggy and Baja Bug.
You can flip in each climb there to dodge the ceiling while keeping your speed. It will be your wheel that hit the ceiling instead of your head and crashing