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I had posted on this site for the MORE/SNORE night race to create a side pot with a split of the purse. I approached 9 of the 10 drivers before the race to see if they were "in". Only one was aware of what we were trying to do, which tells me that if someone wants to get a Pro 9 group together, doing it on the web will not reach enough people. It will take getting a list of competitors in each organization, and doing a mailer......


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I would love to race a pro-9 event. Unfortunately I doubt the group will do a southern swing down to my neck of the woods. (FUD) in so-cal/imperial valley.


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F/T Bob
I just got word from the 1 - 9 driver that you had not spoken too at the night race, that you were contacting the drivers.
Your stats as to the awareness of the Pro-9 deal at the start of the Barstow race does not suprise me! As most of you are aware I am running a "Test" on this board to check on participation and visibility of this board to convey information to the Class 9 community, and the ability of those reader to respond by posting a simple "check-in"
I will be reporting on the final results after a full month of test time! But sadly I can report that as of today I have had less than 12 total people respond either directly to the forum or by Email directly to me. I think that F/9 and RD are doing a great Job and would not want to see either change or stop helping our Class 9 work and promotion, but as of this date it is not a viable media to inform the majority of Class 9 teams as to a major project like Pro-9 by itself! Rob S.


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Well said, Rob.

I think organizing something of this magnatude will come down to phone calls, and one-on-one conversations. Ben Schlimme worked his butt off getting the Pro-10 thing together. He had to stay on top of things until it was done. Ken Thatcher has a phone list that would be a good start. I too have made the mistake of assuming everyone had a computer and looked at it everyday. Just isn't true.

Good luck to all in Class 9!

Happy motoring, Tim