Gas in Gonzaga?

morgan HSD

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Pemex on the main HWY, can't miss it. Never had a problem but it is Baja.

Stuck Sucks

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Gonzaga Pemex - or gas across the street at Playa Grande:


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Was there this weekend and got lots of fuel from Gonzaga Pemex with no problem.


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I have been thru Gonzaga many times and there was no gas. This was true in October. If they are out try Rancho Grande Market across the street - great store BTW! They sell Guiness beer and a few other tasty choices! Or - drive to the houses on the beach - you can usually find a Gringo who sells gas out of a drum.


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The Gonzaga Pemex or the Puertocitos Pemex is closed on Wed? Or both.

Will need to fuel up Wed afternoon or Thurs am


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Any idea approx mileage from the start of the speed zone at mm148ish to puertocitos/gonzaga Pemex? Closer to just drive back to SF?

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PMEX locations pretty close as follows
From RM148 at K60 to SF is 67KM = 42miles
From RM148 at K60 to Puertecitos PMEX is16KM = 10 miles
From RM148 at K60 to Gonzaga PMEX is about 90KM = 56 miles
Try Puertecitos and if closed go to SF where there is always gas.