Gearing question


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I've been building over the last few years a tacoma truggy that is mainly used for rock crawling, but Ive tried to make it as universally off road-able (ultra-4), bullet proof as possible, while still being able to go fast. I would like to one day run the baja 1000 and KOH in it, not to be competitive, but more for bragging rights.
I am currently running one ton axles d60 up front and 10.25 sterling in the rear, and I want to know what you recommend for gearing running 42's. The truck currently has a 4.7L v8 and transmission out of a 2001 tundra, but I do plan on eventually swapping to a supercharged drivetrain from a newer tundra.
Right now the two gear ratios I'm considering is 5.38 and 6.17, the rig is a off road only trailer queen, and I want the best ratio possible that is going to last. From the little bit that I know about gearing it seems the 5.38 will be to low to go fast enough to finish qualifiers, and with the 6.17 it will create to much torque and because the teeth are so small it could break easily. I know yukon has a lifetime warranty you can buy for their gears so right now I'm leaning more towards 6.17, but I want to know what people with experience doing those races have to say about it.