Gen 1 KC Gravity Light bar parts

Kyle D

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We had a minor mishap with our new Can Am prerunner and ended up breaking a couple of the back housings and one of the end caps for the lights. The light bar isn’t even scratched but these 2 broken housings aren’t available for purchase from KC. They said I have to update all (8) of my back housings to the Gen 2 stuff. Does anyone have one of these Gen 1 KC gravity light bars laying around that they’d like to re-home or have any of these parts laying around?1E0E4BFD-6891-4F9C-AFBA-887DAC507D1B.jpeg30C1AF04-9B8E-488A-90C3-8D1F96C3FDB3.jpegA04EEC2A-0046-45A2-A3F1-9E35F4E29B15.jpeg