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Getting into racing


  1. Hi all, been plugging away at a possible shortcourse (shifting gears)
    I invest nearly all my money into this trying to get into racing.
    I took a step back and realize it may be best to try to get around a team to learn more.
    I have a good background in Fabrication and Automotive mechanics. I have bought all sorts off fab tools,done as much research/reverse engineering i can to build my truck.
    I want to race, ive raced anything ive ever been able to get my hands onto.
    Instead of finding someone to get into this with im looking if anyone wants to "take me in" and show me somethings and help me get started. (not looking for financial support i make my own money)

    (All pictures of my personal items, Everything is paid for no debt or loans)



Ill see if i cant take some, that truck is junk thou. I got it mostly for the cab and glass. the cage is hack, the suspension is kind of cheesy. but it has tons of good heims, momo steering wheel. had some PRP seats i traded for a bead roller. Some decent rubber. Came with brand new fox bumps and cans too. i have a new chassis im working on.