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The red Wrangler is mine, have had it since 2008 and it has won everything except Parker 425. We never really chased points and bounced around racing what we felt like. Used to pay outside source about 2k labor plus parts per race to prep in the early days but the last 7 years in house from dislocated1 and I'll bet we don't spend an average of $500 for a prep now. add to that the discounted jeepspeed entry of $850, pump gas, and rolling with zero help (AKA all my friends) and we don't spend 2k on an entire race. Been a good time in a great car but after my brother passed away last year I'm kind of over it. I have raced two trophylites for a season and they were a hoot to wheel and we finished second in points but they don't run as cheap as a jeepspeed. My advice is don't build, buy, no one ever listens though.
PeeWee has it nailed.
How much to race Jeepspeed for a season? This is a question we have been asked many times. If we stick to class 1700 and forget the LS powered Wranglers in our unlimited classes we firmly believe we have the best bang for the buck in the sport if you do your own maintenance. We reckon $2K to $4k per race if you do your own prep.. Class 1700 is 6 cyl. 33" tires. 10" front travel ,12" rear (similar to Dakar rally numbers), one shock per wheel. You can buy garage home built cars needing work for under $10K, but pro build versions $20 to $30K. Leaving out driver induced damage (roll over, frame damage, overheating, etc) the Jeep should go a season on same engine, trans and drive line. Shock rebuilds every 500 race miles. 2 sets of tires should last a season. Front springs last for ever built Deaver rear leafs need replacing once a year . When you register with Jeepspeed you buy one set of Generals and get one set free.. The stock 4 liter Jeep motor is a legendary if the rev limiter is set at 5200 rpm running on affordable pump gas. In 2016 our champion drove a used pro built 2 wd Cherokee that was purchased for $19500 and sold at end of season for $18000. Driver skills are super important. They are not a forgiving Class 8. You need to limit mistakes to keep costs down.
It is a super competitive series with a bunch of good guys that help each other out. Jeepspeed offers pit support.

Past Jeepspeed Class 1700 racers like Casey Currie, Ray Griffith, Todd Jackson, and others went on to be champions in other pro classes.


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Keep in mind things like chase trucks, trailers, entire second set of tools, spares, etc. oh and remember that’s all got to be perfect good stuff - when you spend so much to race you don’t take chances on a $300 part ending your day. A 20 year old pickup that you got for $4,000 isn’t going to make a good reliable chase truck.

I figure to run my trophylite a few races a year, pay for the chase truck (it’s dedicated for that sole purpose), then repairs tires trailer stuff etc....75K a year. Maybe if you ran a tight ship you could run an entire season for that amount but I’m thinking more like 100k .

The race vehicle isn’t the main cost. It’s everything else that adds up. Thanks to all the great sponsors out there that help us all!