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Getting no where with my my fabricator and need help !!!


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Lolz... on Monday I’ll be ready to make the plan for the next step. I’m hoping btf can help me out with the front.


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This sounds like the guy who took me for about 15K. He lived in Casa Grande before moving to Tucson a few years ago. He filed bankruptcy but did not attach my stuff. He said he still had my Blitzcreig hubs and Howe Truggy steering box but I didn't believe him, I figured they were long gone. I found out I was only one of several people he recently scammed.
I think it’s time for you to post your story so others can be forewarned and there is some type of documentation. Seems to be a lot off people in the off road business that shouldn’t be. I think it’s time the commission it’s come together and start to purge the tank as they would say. Sorry to that this has happened to you.


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I just read this entire post

My diagnosis....chrome moly dust poisoning

Every fabricator has it to some degree from being slow, really slow, hasen' t touched it in months, used for a bench, getting buried with junk, things start missing, nobody answers the phone, never at the shop, everyone gets pizzed of, haul off what's left.

Sorry about the situation I've seen & heard it way to many times.
Damn you have heard this story many times cause it’s mine to the damn “T”.I can promise you that you will never hear or see a post like this from me on the forums again. I got my lesson out of it, with out a doubt!


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Well I finally have some good news to report. I was scheduled to drag my truck out of Eric’s shop December 1st, then rescheduled to do it on the 7th.
I received a message from the builder around that time that he was going to make the situation right and just needed more time to do so. He quoted me a week and I gave him 3. We are getting to the end of the 3rd week so I’ll keep you guys posted. Now that the beams are hung and I feel comfortable dropping off the SVC relocation intercooler so he can complete the shock towers, engine cage /braces, and front bumper. Beams are off a ranger and looks short cause the hangers are flush with my frame. Does that look right to you guys? Not complaining but wondering?



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Can you reiterate what you paid for as far as parts and labor, read 47k already spent. Just seems like a lot of money if it's not even a roller chassis. As for the beams they look about right once you add the hubs and wheels for the offset.


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Thank you for chiming in. Please keep in mind this includes the 2015 F150 donor truck. I know that what I paid wasn’t cheap, expensive but a more than fair price for the builder. Thanks for your opinion regarding the beams. Below I have included a list of what I have spent so far. I have to add a few things for the list to be up to date. Sorry if it’s hard to understand

-Luxury budget Funrunner start 2/26/19

-2015 F-150 2.7 Ecoboost = $15,000 / $10,375
-MMW Engine Cage $3,400
-MMW Ibeam Race Kit $13,000
-MMW Front Bumper $1,000
-MMW Cab Cage 10,000
-King 14” Coilover $1,300
-King 16” 3 Tube Bypass 1,300
-Camburg 2.5 F+R Race Hubs $1000

Total = $31,000 parts w/ truck $41,375

** Additions **

-PRP seats, bench w/ 5.3 harnesses +$2,400
-Stewart’s Race Works Visors +$200
-Camburg snouts, bearings, seals etc. +$1,118
-King 2.5” Bump Stop +$500
-McNeil Raptor fenders and hood +$1,206
-Chino Hills Ford +$45
-Walker beadlock wheels w/tires +$1000

Total = $6,769 + original $31,000 = $31,769 + truck = $48,144

** Parts Sold **

-Factory Bed with tailgate $2,300
-Side Curtain Airbags $400
-Front Bench Seats $400
-Spare tire tools/jack $50
-Front bumper $350
-Side steps $100
-Wheels and tires $325
-Hood $200
-Front fenders, suspension,intercooler, rear seats, headliner $500

Total $4,625


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Ok just the front MMW I beam race kit seems like a lot. Is that the beams, radius arms, all the mounts, spindles and swing set steering included. Seen you have the camburg hubs separate, do the brake parts come also? Not trying to bash but curious. And looks like 2.5" shock set up. Any plans for the back?


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Ok just the front MMW I beam race kit seems like a lot. Is that the beams, radius arms, all the mounts, spindles and swing set steering included. Seen you have the camburg hubs separate, do the brake parts come also? Not trying to bash but curious. And looks like 2.5" shock set up. Any plans for the back?
yes this includes radius arms, all mounts, spindles and swing set steering. This pricing also included the ram assist but now an “added option”. The price of the package excludes the brake package. I opted out of doing his recommendation willwoods and was trying to get R1 Concepts to build me a custom set for this build. At this point I will have to go with the willwoods. Yes this is a 2.5 package, I wish I could have gone bigger but that will have to be at a later time. I was planning on back halfing the rear but the builder and I both thought it was best not to move forward in our business relationship. I might sell it as is when it’s done and start all over. Or finish it. It’s just to early to say. By the way I didn’t get the impression you were bashing at all.


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I wrote "Fascinating"
I just got nothing from the entire post.............Good luck Jay150

Bert is my name

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Just have to say I'm not a fan of wildwood. I've used them on quite a few street rods and muscle cars. Customer supplied parts. They leak, come shipped full of machining debris, and usually require tear down and reseal prior to installation. I would look at other options.


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Thank you for chiming in again and your suggestion is greatly appreciated. The only reason I was going with the wildwoods was due to pricing. I’m planning on selling the truck as soon as I get it back. If all goes well, I’m hoping to not lose more then 10k on the truck and can start over with another builder.


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damn.... is he on schedule still?
No but my slowly chipping away. Not happy but at least my loss is at a minimum at this point. The fact that I can make a baby faster then he can do a front end and cage is pretty damn sad. We are going on a year next month and should be done by then. How’s everything going with your build?


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Any updates, been 3 months?


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Well I just talked to his shop hand tonight which is someone I’ve known for along time and a good dude. So the reason nothing has been done since my last update is cause there are various parts missing in order for Eric to finish the front clip. I have some parts and ordering other from kartek. I’m told once they have all the parts tomorrow it will be finished in about a month. Not the greatest news but at least no more parts needed and we will be squared up with the bill at $600. When I get it back I still have to take it some where else to have all the fab work coated/steelit and have the interior dyno matted. Here’s a list of of the remaining parts

- Jamar dual brake reservoir
- Jamar 7/8 master cylinder
- Jamar 1” master cylinder
- Wilwood 6 piston calipers
- Hawk 6” pads set of 4
- SVC intercooler
- Raptor factory grill
- S&B dry cold air


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All fabricators i called are not answering , answer machine says, due to c19, your stuff is on back burner....
Pretty much all businesses are going through hard times right now. I have been out in the back burner due to missing parts but that should all be sorted out tomorrow.