Michael Power

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Gentleman, We have our sights on the Mint; Racing it and throwing a big crazy party that will have actual women there. This is a call to arms as we don't have much time. (this has worked in the past). If you have a skill or a resource or a brand that you think this team of well behaved, under funded lunatics might be useful for then get in touch .We need mechanics, runners, fixers, bartenders, pimps, priests, back room surgeons and sandal repair boys. I will answer every message i get personally.

If your unfamiliar with what we do watch the Norra video we made on our Facebook page.

If you need references ask the martelli's.

Payment in fun, beer and an experience of a lifetime. thank you in advance.

Skiny +Spanish Tony
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J Prich

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This sounds delightful.


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How are you set for pinball machine repairmen? I might know a guy.