GGTR seeking NORRA car to buy or rent.


I got a nice class one for sale new ls7 and fresh fortin trans with a converter. big kings on it to ..great for hang overs .. spares tires etc etc blowing it out for 55k cant beat the price
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Pistol, i believe has one more bajalite available at this time, one is rented due to score canceling the bajasur 500, so the customer is going to do the norra 1000. Trucks ride good.


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The Bajalite will be allowed to run in the Trophylite class at NORRA this year. All of the existing Trophylite entries have approved it.


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I have a TL for rent that can be coupled with pit crew and chase support

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Yes, I have trucks available for FOUR days of racing in baja for the MEXICAN 1000...."RACING", not being stuck and working on the race vehicle everyday....full support included

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Thank you all for your efforts. We found a car and are getting ready. See most of you in Ensenada or some race in the future. Beers on me.

Michael Power

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What did you end up going with? or is it a surprise.
A very Sexy Nissan that has been the target of lots of conversation in these forums. Drive the car yesterday and I have to say it moves like a stripper on rent day. V6, light and pretty. with so many beautiful options I just had to trust my gut. Again surprised by how helpful so many of you were. As new comers/ outsiders it means a lot when people offer help.