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GGTR seeking Tour Bus Driver / Bartender for NORRA

Trucks prepped and ready for a 1000 miles of Mexican Dust and our livers primed for tequila and ice cold Tecates. Now all we need is someone that can drive the GGTR Spanish Tony tour bus from LA to Ensenada OR all the way down to LaPaz and back. We have a Mexican bus pilot standing by to take her south and back in the event someone cannot commit to a weeks worth of madness with us so our immediate concerns are crossing border. If you have mechanical or cocktail skillz' even better.

This will be a week that goes up in history.


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Thank you for all the replies. Darren Skilton, the legend, has offered to step in as wheel man of the long short bus.

looking forward to meeting some of you at the race. If you see us down there come introduce yourselves.
Haha, awesome....


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I don't mean to cast aspersions on Darren's driving abilities these days. Be that he is a celebrity and hangs out with the wine and cheese crowd now. I think a man of his stature would be more comfortable sitting on one of those nice bus sofas. Telling tall stories of how he lept over 50 Mexicans in a single bound. While drinking one of my handmade margatini's of course. Then there is the unforeseen blown tire,alternator,steering pump/hose scenario. So while Darren was taking his siesta from my fine margatini's and fan adoration you would find me under that hot pinche bus. I would be quite happy to give Darren a turn at the wheel so he could then relive more stories of greatness. Always share the moment as my mama would say. So bring Darren to entertain the unwashed masses. I am happy to work behind the scene and let Darren have another moment in the Mexican sun. Ren'e Aguirre/Triple Nickel Racing. AKA/Galaxia De La Baja