De Ranged

Jul 7, 2009
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New Zealand
Lol Looks like I have to say hi before I start posting

Hmmm Not into desert racing... we just don't have anything over here like that... will possibly build a circut truck one day as I like the engineering on them

found the site searching on suspension, from what I've read its looks to be a collection of knowledgeable people without the ego of pirate lol

My vehicles currently building an "production modified E class trials truck", lada niva on hilux axles, with a mid mounted nissan SR20 motor that I plan on supercharging out to 300hp, also have a 1982 double cab hilux, rockcrawler-club truck

Looking at building a Toyota FJ45 into what you guys call a desert crawler, we call it off road racing/winch challange...

What keeps me busy lol nothing at the moment I was running a 4wd fab shop but one of my compeditors has played some nasty bs and scared off enough custom that I'm about to go back to the bush logging

I'm here to learn more than anything else.... I don't like to make mistakes so, I'd rather sit and listen to those that have learned from there's, then ask the questions I need to know to understand, New Zealand is too small to track down those that know in person... then there is the issue that becouse there are so few... there are enough out there that know enough to be dangerous but don't realise they are making mistakes and after all that few that are happy teaching lol so here I am

Cheers Reece