Giese Racing Engines- 1600cc Engine update

Hartmut & Wolfram

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Giese Racing Engines finishes 3rd in class at M.O.R.E. freedom 250 with their latest version 1600cc race engine.
Craig Forrest/Duane Walters were both very impessed with the (GRE) powerplant, the horsepower,torque,acceleration and reliability of the (GRE) engine in the extreme 100+ degree temps of the Barstow desert enabled them to finish third, narrowly missing second place due to a late race flat tire.

GRE also had a 2/1600 engine perform flawlessly in the V2R race last week, although the team did not finish well due to other mechanical issues along the way, ending up
11th in class out of 15.

Any serious competitors in the 1600cc classes interested in doing a in car evaluation of the GRE engine for comparison purposes can contact Bob for further information.

Bob Giese,