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Well - things change daily - but I can tell you that CORVA, AMA and ASA have filed a lawsuit to re-open the 49,000 acres of glamis on the premise that they were closed illegally and not within the agreement from the lawsuit from CBD, PEER and Sierra CLub.

The BLM was found in contempt of court over the lack of work they were doing for the lawsuit and everyone had to go to court for a hearing. THe BLM officials aren't particial to going to jail so they are complying with the mandate of the agreement.

ASA and the CBD were doing their own studies on teh milk-vetch

the CBD is looking for additional species to claim fall under the ESA.

That is all I know at this time - for more info you can check</A> and I'm sure they will have the most up-to-date info.

Also ORC has a standing letter to our gov't about the ESA on their web-site - go check it out.

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