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Glen Helen


Sad to say but the whole short course sport from midwest to west is not looking healthy.
I’m unsure of what the PL numbers are out west but i know in the midwest it’ll be 6 or lower. Just like p4, it has to do with LS and chassis rules hanging over everyone’s head, and a big difference in midwest / west coast rules.
p2 is fine for now, but if they don’t make the changes to allow both midwest and west teams have the same engine / tire package, i think you’ll start to see that class struggle. Sportsmen racers saved that class in the midwest and i think you’ll start to see numbers dwindle in the near future.
It bums me out to see this awesome sport in such turmoil in a day in age where different/grassroots motor sports are thriving with online attention. The midwest sportsman divisions are currently upset after some decisions from lucas to being usac back to the midwest. Drivers are disappointed after the wrongs usac has committed and added fees.
I hope all of this can be straightened out and brought back to all of its glory. It’s just not the same anymore.

What "wrongs" has USAC committed?


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What "wrongs" has USAC committed?
More expensive fees and added fees, terrible tech, terrible customer service and they still owe some sportsmen drivers payouts from 2 years ago.