God Bless America


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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone and anyone who has been a part of protecting our freedom, our country and our lives as we reflect on the tragedy of 9.11. We live in a great country. Thank you.



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My little contribution, Those on the flights on Sept 11th. Gone but never forgotten. We remember all those lost on Sept 11th. God Bless this great Nation.
Speed Safely


Amen to that guys!!! May everyone be safe and thankful for what we, as Americans, have. Godspeed the people lost, their families and everyone affected by this unfortunate and selfless act!




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May God continue to bless America, and we need to not let our patriotism only be a couple days a year. Keep it like it was after the tragic events of last year and dont let it fall to the wayside. Count your blessings every day you wake up.


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I second that statement! Have a safe sept 11th everyone.

See you all at Primm.



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Here is a letter I ran across on another board. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

A message to Osama bin Laden on the one-year anniversary of his terror:

You failed.

If you are dead, you failed, because you are not in some blessed place, sitting under the Yum Yum tree. You are in a corner of hell reserved for murderers.

And if you live on, you failed, too. Because you are hidden in some cave in a forsaken corner of the world, forced to recognize the truth: What you sought to weaken, you fortified. What you sought to terrorize, you emboldened.

How does it feel, to have so woefully miscalculated? We are smarter, stronger, more aware and more involved. We treat our neighbors with more patience and our country with more love.

If you sought to destroy our spirit, you failed.

If you sought to destroy our will, you failed.

And if you sought to destroy our institutions, you failed, big time, even on the very day you had the advantage. One of the four planes you stole last Sept. 11 did not even make its mark. It was retaken by passengers who proved there is no need to fear you or your cowardly henchmen. With two words, "Let's roll," that plane was driven into the ground, and instead of taking down a monument, it became one. Its Pennsylvania crash site is an inspirational place.

For us, not for you.

You gave us something to feel good about.

How does it feel?

You failed.

If you planned on demoralizing us, you failed.

If you planned on dividing us, you failed.

If you planned on destabilizing us, we're still here. Our streets, our schools, our government, our freedom. You, on the other hand, lost your sand lot. You lost your real estate. You lost your roof and your umbrella, your shelter from the storm, you lost something all of us can claim, but you no longer can. You lost your home.

You lost your friendly host, the Taliban. You lost caves and training camps and what little infrastructure you had. You scatter with a breeze, leaving maps and tapes and bags and boots as you race for a place to hide, a bug scampering behind the refrigerator. Do you think people are inspired by such flight? Do you think people admire it?

If you sought to command respect, you failed.

And if you sought to affect our patriotism -- well, you couldn't have done much worse. In a single day, thanks to your heinous act, this nation transformed, from a people who saw their country as a place worth enjoying, to a people who saw their country as a place worth saving.

You made us fierce. You made us united. You made us mad, and that's a deadly thing to do.

But if you sought to make us fear you, you failed.

If you sought to make us respect you, you failed.

If you sought to make us listen to you, you failed. Most people don't even bother with the translation of your cryptic messages anymore. We flip channels. We move on. We ignore your hate.

If you sought to win converts, you lost.

If you sought to make things better for your people, you lost.

If you sought to rally Muslims to your warped and pathetic view, you lost more than you can calculate. Life has rarely been worse for those who follow your religion. They are scrutinized, harassed, singled out and picked on. They hate this. But they hate you more for bringing it upon them. You did not gain their allegiance, only their wrath.

If you sought to unnerve us, you lost.

If you sought to undermine us, you lost.

If you sought to put a permanent dent in the American economy, well, look again. The airlines are still flying. Wall Street still functions. Your financial flow, on the other hand, has never been more scrutinized. And while we haven't shut off every faucet, we've shut a few. The world is not your ATM anymore.

How does it feel?

If you dreamed of victory, you failed.

If you dreamed of domination, you failed.

If you dreamed of Muslims on one side, Westerners on the other, you failed.

And if you dreamed of glory and righteousness and, most of all, your god's blessing -- you do not have it. No matter how many times you invoke his name, you do not have it. No god loves you. No god forgives you. No god blesses you. No god condones you.

Today we remember your day of destruction, but not you. Today we honor those who fell, but not you. We suffered that day, we suffered and we grieved, but then we did what we do best. We came back stronger. We came back united. We stood up straight and resolved more than ever that our way of life is precious and true and loving and right.

We buried our dead. We mourned for them. Today, we remember. But tomorrow, the world goes on.

You failed, bin Laden, in every important way. It is one year after your fire in the sky. We've cleaned up our ashes.

The only ones left are yours.

J.C. Andrews
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And the United States Armed Forces swings the biggest stick in the playground. We've barely opened the toybox. It ain't over until WE say it's over!


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
my history teacher asked us today if we , the US should attack Iraq... i was wondering some of your opinions...?

*i like to move it move it*


Maybe it wouldn't hurt you but what about our loved ones attacking? Or the loved ones of Iraqie families being attacked? It sounds like you don't really care about it. This could be a HUGE issue if Bush decides to attack without the consent of the UN and other large countires (Russia, China, etc.).

To answer your questions, I will say that if it is found that Saddam does have the capabilities to produce destructive weapons (Chemical and/or Nuclear) and the UN supports an attach, then yes we should. We shouldn't attack if there is no basis for the attacks than just the "intlligence" we receive. There should be physical evidence provided.

I read that Iraq has many different chemical agents that are/were not accounted for during the first wave of UN inspections. This was because Saddam would let the inspectors into certain palaces or compounds. These chemicals (VX, Anthrax, Mustard Gas) are nasty and hopefully will be destroyed.




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Let's see the UN has been thrown out from inspecting for weapons. Because they are not building anything right. Russia and the other know if they do have anything they are pointed at us. So what’s the big deal? What physical evidence do you want to see? The bomb before or after it is launched. What about the lost of life then. I'm sure Saddam is a reasonable man and would never try anything like bombing or invading anther country .


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I'm sure that after 11 years of inaction by the US and the UN, they've found ways of concealing whatever weapons they've been producing. In that amount of time they could've put everything underground....

Matt Nelson
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Let's get it straight. .
1.The Unites States violated the integrity of the UN inspections and used the information to identify new targets. The UN Inspectors were told by the U.S. that bombing would resume in two days. There is little wonder why Iraq does not trust the UN inspectors.
2. You can't be serious? Iraq has weapons "pointed at us"; they could barely get a scud to Israel.
3. Are you saying that you don’t need evidence and your statements are unfounded?
4. Lets-see, humm . . . what country has the reputation of invading and bombing other countries????

tkr - is it not 4 years? 1998 is when the inspectors left, over 90% of Iraq's military capability was destroyed at that time.

Don't get me wrong - I love the United States and what it used to stand for. If I didn’t love it – then I would sit on my ass and not care! We must get our government back and demand that it acts responsibly.

"Think - It’s patriotic"



Frank, I was discussing a critical point in the whole "America always attacks (helps one side) other countries" issue! I DON'T WANT ANYONE KILLED - if it can be avoided. Your sarcasm reflects your position on this issue perfectly.

The media plays a large role in this matter as well. They twist and turn every little tidbit to make the "war" or any situation better or worse.

Coilovergurl---you opened up a can of worms with this one...what did your History teacher say or did s/he say anything yet?

Speaking of war, did anyone see the Intercontinental Minuteman II missile launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base??? Painted a beautiful picture in the evening sky. I thought the larger countries of the world weren't producing any intercontinental weapons anymore...



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I agree Brannon. If anyone studies the evolution of war, they will find how distant we all are to the tragic and horrorable effects of modern war. In earlier times when men fought with swords, they died face to face looking into each other eyes, and often in each others arms. The pain and suffering of humanity was real, close, and touched every individual involved. As technology improved, the effects of war, its death and destruction, became more, and more distant. Today, all someone has to do is push a button, and thousands get "blown apart” - women, children, families – as we American's sit in front of the TV and watch the Simpson’s.

Let us not forget the fact that the U.S. provided all the chemical weapons to Iraq, and during the Regan years still supported Saddam even after he "gassed" his own people. We are now dealing with the "Blowback" of U.S. failed foreign policies. Fortunately, chemical and biological weapons have a very short shelf life, so unless Iraq has the full capability to produce such weapons, they have none.

"Think - It’s patriotic"



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I saw the missile test from Las Vegas. Looked very cool next to the Luxor's spotlight.

My own taste for the hops is very powerful, and I had no intention of spending a beerless weekend...


I dunno about how this will be taken but i personally dont care iwhat happens to Iraq. they, the majority of the iraqies i believe dont give a crap about us either. Nearly all my good friends are in the military be it the MArine Corp or the Army. One is a ranger who went to Afganistan. I think we (america) need to stand behind what our president wants to do. If Bush thinks there is even a possibility of Saddam having anything i think we should wipe them out. thats just my opinion and im sure somepeople wont like it but thats what i feel and if it ends up bieing some draw out war ill be the first in line to join the military on the front line so i can do what needs to be done.

Just what i think,