Godspeed...RJ Newton


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Ray "Sgt Pepper" Newton from Tucson AZ passed away in his sleep after winning Class 14 (Sportsman) this weekend at the Code Race in Mexicali. Ray, a long time desert racer from Tucson, my friend and a mentor, he was always there to help me and any racer and will surely be missed by all.


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I met Ray during my first days of college in Tucson, always a good guy, always willing to help, always a friend, godspeed Ray


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We at CODE Offroad would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Ray's family and race team. We where surprized when we did not see them at the awards ceremony on Sunday and are so very sad to hear the news today.
We had the honor and pleasure talking with Ray Friday at Contingency before race day and talking about the course and the race car for this race.
Ray raced in class 14 Sportsman buggie with number 1407 on Saturday and won his class with a total of 8 entries by more than 6 minutes over second place and while doing this won the Sportsman Overall for fastest in the Sportsman division.
Nuestro mas sentido pesame para toda la familia y equipo.

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