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GoFundMe fundraiser for Leeanne, SoCal shark attack victim

Curtis Guise

The Ashcraft family asked if I could post this so anyone that would like to help can contribute to this fundraiser.

If you live in SoCal you have probably heard about the shark attack that happened a few days ago at San Onofre State Beach. Dusty Phillips is one of the Ashcraft's prep guys and he was surfing this past Saturday. His girlfriend Leeanne was with him and standing in about waist high water at the time and was attacked by a shark. She is currently in the hospital in an induced coma. She is a single mother of three and I'm sure any contribution will be much appreciated.

Click this link for the fundraiser - Click here to support Leeanne's medical fund organized by Christine McKnerney Leidle


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Leeanne Ericson was attacked by a shark while surfing with me at SanOs Churches. She is in critical condition and needs all the help she can get. This story along with all the medias stories are inaccurate. But thats not my concern. My concern is Leeannes recovery! Please send donations to her gofundme her mother set up or Pacific Marine Credit Unions Leeanne Ericson donation account her employer set up or any of the brewery fundraisers. If you cant help with fund raising please donate blood to the local blood banks! Thanks for all the positive vibes and prayers. Much love, Dusty Metals


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I just donated. Good luck Leeanne and Dusty. We'll keep you in our thoughts.


So sorry to hear this .. This is in my home town of 40 years (San Clemente) - there are currently up to 9 GW sharks lurking the waters off our coastline .. Hopefully Leeanne continues to fight and that the multiple prayers are being answered .....


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Hello everyone, Leeanne is still in the hospital and had her 6th surgery this last Sunday. They finished the skin grafts and are working on clearing out blood clots and getting her lungs back to full strength. Her Dr.s will not allow her to speak with any media outlets do to the amount of narcotics she is on. She is staying stong through all the procedures and in good hopes of a great recovery. The Dr.s do not know how much mobility she will have until PT. She thanks everyone for there continued support and cant wait to be back in the action of her daily life. She has seen her kids a couple times and they are doing great with there dads. Thank you all! Dusty