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Going to Mexico.... Is it worth it?


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Just wanted to put this question out there to everyone and see what everyone thinks. With the current situation with heightened security at the US/Mexico border, is it worth it to go down for the upcoming races in Mexico. News reports state 3 hour plus waits with very light traffic. EVERY vehicle is getting checked.

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I will be there for the Baja 1000 if I have to swim across. Listen to the President and live your lives, giving into terrorism and staying home gives power to those evil SOBs. The baja 1000 is the roots of our sport and any true off-roader would be there whether the wait to get home was 1 hour or 10. Hope to see lots of Protrucks this year in baja. Maybe we should organize dates for prerunning so we go down in large groups, this tends to make it more fun and that way anyone needing help gets plenty. Will see you all at V2R we are entering Protruck as Primm was pretty easy on the truck.

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A little hint is go thru Tecate border crossing. It's a little out of your way but I always save a ton of time when the TJ side is busy.



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It amazes me to think that additional time spent at a boarder crossing would deter any true racer or enthusiast from attending the Baja 1000. The race speaks for itself. I will most certainly be there along with much of my family and friends. Scott nice race at Primm. What a fun race I had a blast. Looking forward to Vegas to Reno. Have a great day.

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Shaun, whats the difference, he went down with No Race and had to wait 3 hours because of a Bike race. So the 1000 is a bonus. The problem is, is that all of us are going to be put through the wringer now because of last weeks situation. So what do we do???? Do we sit home everyday and do nothing??? or do like I did, and gave blood, gave a donation, and live your life to the fullest.

Gabe Lara

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Like the saying goes, "Once the dust of baja settles on your shoulders, you are never the same".
Just take in consideration the extra time you will need at the border.

And Scott (Steinberger), your idea of pooling together resources for a group pre-run is a great idea.

Had some friends surfing down there this weekend, and their wait was just a bit longer(2-1/2hrs) than normal.
I'd say thats acceptable. C'mon, it is the Baja 1000!!

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Had a buddy come up from Mexico over the weekend, and he told me 3 hours to get across with a normal 45 minutes to hour long line. He said they were searching cars throughly. So if you figure after a big race such as the 1000 be prepared to stay awhile, even at Otay, or Tecate........


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Hey, I have always said if you are going to Mexico......THINK! You can NOT walk around with a OPEN beer in hand! You can NOT raise hell in the streets! If you act like an idiot YOU will go to jail! I have learned in the many years of going to Mexico, you have act like your in the States! THINK! You will enjoy a weekend down in Mexico, Be it Ensenada or at Estero Beach or Cabo....or La Paz, you got to think! Treat people with repect and the people of Mexico will treat well. Just my two cents worth.

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