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Going to swap and looking for transaxle pros\cons


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Hello all,

I currently run a Fields 3 speed sequential in my class 1 with a Redline LS2. It shifts like butter and is lots of fun but I am looking for 1-2 extra gears. The setup is great for wide open sections but I quickly find a dead zone in technical sections so may sell it or retire it to a prerunner.

Albins - would love one but not ready to shell out 25+K for one
Fortin - Am looking to get a 4spd or 5spd. (Any experience here? Pro\cons of the 4 vs 5 spd? Reasons to run the 4spd vs 5 spd? I know one comes with a little meatier gears)
Mendeola - a maybe in a 5 spd

Any good insight much appreciated.


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I'll answer your Fortin questions.
The 4 speed has a wider gear than the h pattern 5 speed. So strength is the advantage of the 4 speed.
If you're looking for the ultimate in strength, the FRS5 is our strongest. I see you're not looking to spend $25K so the FRS5 is out.


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Fire away


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Go with the Fortin 4 speed, i am sure.you can recoup some $$ on your Fields


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The mendeola S4d or 5d are great transmissions. The have 11.5" R&P and are really strong. I had over 3000 miles on mine with absolutely no problems they are in the 13-15k range.


hi there i run a fields in a older one car and love it .. also have another class 1 car with a fortin 4speed with a converter and love it its the way to go in my book the converter saves you on the trans bills too we use to run a clutch and once we went to a converter it was night and day now im not afraid to send in the trans to fortin

Zac Reish

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A buddy is selling a 5 speed fortin h pattern at a very reasonable price. PM me if you want his contact info.


Anyone have or know of a used PBS-4 trans?
Or the Weddle HV24?
Looking to swap out my 2d
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