Goldendale Race - Labor Day 2009

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We are looking at doing another race this year based on the success of the race June 12th weekend. Please go to and answer the poll if you would like to race or spectate. Grant, Broc and I told the property owner we would have a decision to him by 4th of July. Go to then the "Forum section" then "Organized Events". Thanks to all for a great time!! We will be back with the 1222 UTV.


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Spoke to Broc this morning and it is looking like we are going to anounce early, so get your rigs ready.

Onr thing that we discussed was SAFETY you UTV guys were lax on a lot of issues, 4"Amber light Driving in tee shirts, no window nets and when you were suposed to have wrist restraints there were none being used.
SO for september there will only be nets allowed.
We are also going to require racing suits $100 at summit or else where.
These rules will apply for all vechiles not just UTV's but some people are not following the rules, after tech the safety items are still required, you probably saw the most laid back tech EVER but we will start getting tougher, so go get nets and suits.

One unnamed class of vechile was seen (later reported on) pouring beer into a camel pack to go out racing- this will get you disqualified and banned if you get caught.

Now that I've pissed you offf hope to see you in September.

Gary call me or pm me I need to talk to you.



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Goldendale september race !!!!!!!!!!!

Official announcement.

The second race is confirmed.

A few changes

1 Race suits required for all drivers and co drivers.
2 Window nets required on all vechiles.
3 Hot starts will move start to the roof.
4 Racers will get full race time no pealinzation for starting in the pack.
5 Hot pits might be eliminated. depending on hot start.

Utv's and Suzukis race Sat
Buggy's and trucks race Sun.
Drive home to work Mon.

We will have a flyer and more info out shortly.



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Re: Goldendale september race !!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry posted late last night.

Aug 28-Aug 31st it is the labour day long weekend, not really in Sept.


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Re: Goldendale september race !!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me for the confusion.

The race is being held Sept 5th thru 7th my bad looking at the wrond weekend .


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Not long to go
$200 for trucks and buggys
$100 for UTV's
4hr per class
Bring it
There will also be some sand cars running make sure to have driving suits helmets, harnesses, amber light, pumper for your own good, window nets.
Check for directions to the track, if you are heading south on 97 and you pass the wind farm you have gone to far turn on Centerville road.

see you there


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The location has changed to the Ediville track.
Reasons out of our control must make us move the race, the new track will be 9.5 miles only .5 shorter but this way you get to run an extra lap.
The Ediville track is basically the same layout as the Starvation ridge track.

Here's the up side

It is 6 miles closer driving whooo!!!
There is no driving your motorhomes on dirt.
We were considering running both tracks next year so this way we get to try it now.
Pits are good
Track is closer to hotel and gas stations.

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Sweet track to change up too!!! Its like one super long Short course track with a ton of elevation changes with premo dirt with no rocks. Lots of little jumps. Why is this Thread page dead?!?!? Last time we had tons of reply of who was coming. Get your friends on here to say a rough estimate of who's all coming!!!! You guys will like this track a lot there is room around the whole track for like 6 utv's wide or 3 trucks wide. So post up and let us know if your coming and who's rolling with you! See ya there!:D


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That track should be a kick in the @$$ in a truck, like mentioned plenty wide and some fun obstacles. Just make sure you lift on the first lap if you see something that looks like it could drop off or you may have a wrecking yard built up in the bottom of what they refer to as the gravity cavity.


I wish you all made this earlier in summer and we'd make the trip with our Truggy. The schedule get's tight as our Kids are in school in our state (NV) and that negates all two-day, trips this time of year.


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Still on the fence as to what you should do over Labor Day weekend?
I could use a couple volunteers next Sunday to recover broken race vehicles from the course at the race near Goldendale Washington. The only thing you need is a four wheel drive vehicle. A CB and 2 meter are handy but not required. There is no pay involved but you get in for free. Plus being involved with a race is way more fun than just spectating one.

PM Me for details or call me at 503-550-0629.



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5 trucks and 1 buggy are coming from Vancouver Island!

Might stop on the way down to watch the World of Outlaws race in Skagit on Friday night.

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Thanks guys for posting up if you can be there and who's coming with you:D.

Yeah "PJC from Las Vegas" We know that some of the people that showed up for the race at Golden dale @ Starvation Ridge June 12-15 said they would have the same problem as you are having and also we kinda haft to work around the motocross events that Scott has planned out every year since they where there first:rolleyes:. This was the only place left in the year we could fit in one more race before it gets too unbearable to be there. There is all ways next year, i and others would love to see you attend and many more people attend for that matter the more the merrier. ALL INPUT FROM YOU GUYS ALL WAYS HELPS THE PLANNER TO PICK THE BEST DAY!!! OR TO IMPROVE THE EVENT!!!!

As far as the next NW event sounds like it could be the Race In Paisley Oregon. That will be a real desert race course. Broc and I test ran with it some really grate people! That had some amazing terrain and the best part was it uses some of the old rally track that was used in 1980's really cool:). Each lap was roughly 100 miles it was pretty fun. Just watch out for the Hippies hanging out at the local warm springs:eek:!!!

"lowedown&dirty" hell yeah you should go to the Skagit track:cool: that place kicks a $ $ to watch those guys. I have been up there plenty of time to watch them its a good time.

4 more days until race day!!!! Here are some pics that i took with a crappy IPhone camera a year ago. O guess i lied when i said no rocks on this course cuz there is one rocky hill climb:eek:.