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Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race. The Prologue: Xavier De Soultrait (Yamaha) is the first winner.

John Bitting

Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race. The Prologue: Xavier De Soultrait (Yamaha) is the first winner.

Live Tracking: Sardegna Rally Race 2016

Budoni, June 2. Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race 2016. It is the magical moment when the crucial date of the World Rally Championship "lands" in Sardinia. Neither an invasion nor a clandestine arrival. The exciting and colorful "crew" of the Sardinia Rally Race Island docks to the main dock of Budoni, one of the East Coast pearls, welcomed by the Mayor of the country, Giusepppe Porcheddu, who heads the operations' startup of the unique European round of the Rally-Raid Championship. It is a dreams in a dream Land.
The move of the Rally invented and organized by Bike Village has warmed the soul of Budoni main street, creating the typical atmosphere of the great events, with a strong, seductive aura in which the champions of the most fascinating sport of Off roads meet the Territory and the the People. It is the time of the technical and administrative checks, and of the short, spectacular prologue just near the City gates. This is only the beginning of the short and intense week that will become the leitmotif of an amazing race, the "underscore" of a new chapter of suggestion through the enchantment of the most beautiful places of the Island. It is the ninth chapter, the ninth edition of the Goldentyre Sardinia Rally Race, an apology of a totally particular meeting for the great champions of the specialty born and nourished by the imaginary of the Paris-Dakar.

From june 2 to 7, through the provinces of Olbia-Tempio, Sassari, Nuoro and Ogliastra, and in the design of a magic triangle with the top poited at Budoni, Sa Itria, Arbatax. Five stages for a sum of 1500 kilometers, over a half of which is distributed in nine selective sections.

Competitors, including the best in the world, are marking a record that is the other "must" of the event invented by Antonello Chiara and Gian Renzo Bazzu. This year there are about ninety, over two-thirds of whom enrolled in the World Championship, and the remaining group registered in the Italian Championship

From who to start? For example from The Honda Team, that presents the winner of the last event in Africa just a week ago, the Argentine star Kevin Benasvides. Then the official Yamaha Team, deployed for the first time with the all Team, Helder Rodrigues, Adrien Van Beveren and Alessandro Botturi, the winner of the 2014 edition of the Rally. But we don’t want to forget the official Sherco Team, which entrusts its most representative Rider, Juan Pedrero, or other Spanish Armand Monleon, the winner of the Rally in China two days ago and timely at the start of the Rally of Bike Village who greeted him on the podium of last year. Not to mention Camelia Liparoti and Eric de Seynes, respectively, six times World Champion and "Boss" of Yamaha Europe, with a SSV, or Olivier Pain, the French champion who returns to rallies after the unfortunate experiences of the recent past, and it is now deployed by the Official Italian Team Beta, thanks to the great "joint venture" Dirt Racing Team-Bike Village.
But, after all, the charm of this extraordinary sport lies in the fact that all are important, star players and debutantes, professionals and amateurs. That’s the force of the Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race, we already knew that this year would be the most important event of the World!

And now is the Prologue, the first "expression" of racing. The path is short, the show overflowing. That's what counts. The "real" Rally begins June 3, with the Budoni-Budoni stage, a giant race ring with two magnificent selrctoive sections.

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Great to read in here about these FIM races.
I am following very closely Benavides performance, here.
I know it is a very secial race, were usually some riders with big Enduro and local experience shine, so a very interesting race to follow.

John Bitting

Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race. Breaking News.

Juan Pedrero (Sherco) is the 2016 Edition Winner

Arbatax, June 7. Last stage. The last two special stages. The ranking changed overnight, as well as the penalties, "discounted". That’s the reason of a totally different departure for the last race day, with a different key, more critical, tactic. But all this anxiety engione did not prevent Juan Pedrero to apply the imperative action: to ATTACK! The level of the Rally is too high for final finesses. There is "only" to open the track at full throttle, thoroughly. We have never seen such a strong finish.

That's how Juan Pedrero, 38 year-old Catalan of Canet del Mar, has won the 2016 edition of the Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race. Five time participant of the Rally iun Sardinia, a podium and “almost done” time, but in this edition Juan Pedrero, in the lead by the end of the fourth stage at the end of a masterpiece performance, today brings the official Sherco to an important success.

On the podium of Arbatax, "landed" on the beautiful esplanade of La Bitta and on the background of the magical, blue sea of Sardinia, next to Juan Pedrero also rising Xavier de Soultrat, the main opponent of Pedrero, and the Spanish colleague Armand Monleon.


Live Tracking: http://tracking.sporttraxx.com/races/sardegna-2016/

Live Results: 9' SARDEGNA RALLY RACE 2016 NEW - 02nd - 07th June 2016

Goldentyre Sardegna Rally Race 2016. Overall Classification

1. PEDRERO (SHERCO 450) in 14:31'15.00; 2. DE SOULTRAIT (YAMAHA 450) a 43.70; 3. MONLEON HERNANDEZ (HUSQVARNA 450) a 2'17.33; 4. BOTTURI (YAMAHA 450) a 2'56.93; 5. PAIN (BETA 430) a 3'58.89; 6. BENAVIDES (HONDA 450) a 7'58.13; 7. VAN BEVEREN (YAMAHA 450) a 9'30.79; 8. COMINOTTO (HUSQVARNA 500) a 23'17.80; 9. RODRIGUES (YAMAHA 450) a 23'30.69; 10. MANCINI (BETA 430) a 26'26.44