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Recreating the past with a Tribute to Bruce Meyers--- In 1967 Bruce Meyers lined up at the starting line with his co-pilot Bill (Wheelo) Anderson to compete in the inaugural Mexican 1000. They chose a very special gold metal flake Meyers Manx affectionately named "Goldie." This was Bruce Meyers personal Meyers Manx. Goldie was featured on the cover of the very first issue of Dune Buggies and Hot VW’s, Car and Driver April 1967, and Road Test November 1968. For the inaugural Mexican 1000 Goldie was equipped with an oversized 1830cc VW engine to battle the rugged Baja terrain. A simple oversight in preparation, not installing a transmission strap, only allowed Bruce and Bill to cover just over 200 miles of the race. At that point they were leading the race before the transmission nose-cone failed. This opened the door for Vic Wilson and Ted Mangles in the #10 Manx to take over the lead and ultimately finish the race in 1st place. As Meyers Manx continued to grow and developed other versions of dune buggies and kit cars, Goldie was pushed aside, sacrificing its drivetrain to prototype the new Meyers SR. The body was then chopped up and destroyed.
53 years later, utilizing an extremely rare, one of approximately 100 early floor pan "square tail" authentic Meyers Manx bodies that is identical to the original Goldie, we will recreate this tribute car to be period correct in every way possible while adhering to NORRA rules and regulations. Goldie # 2 will have a white hard top, windshield, and side curtains/nets. This car was significant, historical, and deserves to be put back into the spot light. More importantly Goldie needs to take care of some unfinished business in Baja Mexico. This is why the car will race in the 2020 NORRA Mexican 1000. Doran Dobranszky and John Kieslich are the builders/owners/Drivers on record of Goldie #2, along with support from Bruce and Winnie Meyers, Meyers Manx, and a few Manx Club Members Goldie #2 will come to life.

Join us for this epic adventure


It starts with a pan. A big thank you to Scott Drolet for humoring us and donating a solid base. Goldi 2 will have a ball joint front end and swing axle rear.

Goldi2's skeleton
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Next came finding the body. John Hubble Kieslich and I knew this would be a difficult task as the original Goldie was an early "square tail" body. It's estimated that there were less then 100 of those made. John told me "I'm not worried about the body." Well he was right. Less then a week later I spot this hanging on the wall in the background for ad about another body for sale. After a few conversations with the owner and John, we decided there was a chance it might be the needle in the manxstack. Next day, John went to look at it. Again back and forth with pics,looking at details and comparing them to known "square tail's" we decided it was worth the risk. Now off to Bruce and Winnie for verification!



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Forgot to ask...where are you guys based out of and is that place the same you are building this? I haven’t checked the NORRA manx club Facebook group recently but will and post a link to this thread if not there already.


I live in Goleta and John is in Valley Center. We are splitting duties and trying to find weekends to get together.


Goldi2 went through one last “mock up” “fabrication” session. It’s now torn back down and ready for some gold metal flake. Then back together permanently. Going to be a very busy couple of months. Thank you Sonya Kieslich and Paulina Kieslich for keeping us fed and running errands throughout the weekend. Even Bruce and Winnie Meyers stopped by for dinner and to see Goldi2’s progress.
98 days and counting

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Cage design looks awesome!!