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The only thing bad about it is the way it’s making udall and all the other true stuntmen of our sport feel. All of this came from motorcycle racing it’s our collective roots. How can we make it better for the bikes !
strap a bottle of NOS to the bikes and see wtf happens


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2600lb ,200hp UTVs ruining race courses and creating chatter bumps? Haha
Id be more worried about the millionaire “hobbyist” who buys a 1000hp TT than the few newbs that race UTV. 1. They all start behind most of you race snobs anyways haha 2. Last time I checked 0 spectators have been killed by UTV drivers unlike other classes 3. when an ill-prepared moto guy spends $9000 and rolls up to the line Baja500 we applaud them as warriors, until they wad themselves, get stranded and or worst and become a horrible statistic of the sport. 4. There was a big crash with a C10 and Spec in the lakebed at the 500, and few years back the C1 and Spec head-on... those are racing accidents. Imagine a UTV was involved in either of those and you’d want the whole category banned. As far as desert racing goes, the problem, if there is one, isnt the UTV class.
well most people are complaining about UTVs so im pretty positive the UTVs are the problem, when was the last time someone posted a thread about how TT and Class 1 are effing up race courses

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man i will take a square edge from a 40 over all day rzr bumps any day!


I second this! We went to Parker for some dirt therapy/Covid getaway in early June and some of the washes were all chatter bumped. Never seen it like "this" before (my first Parker 400 was '88) where you couldn't quite get on top of it even with more speed (built Bronco). Reminds me of the MORE pit speed being set at 50 and nobody's (sarcasm) cars are set up for how slow you must stay through the rollers through Main. Need to find a happy medium and buying a SXS because they aren't complaining about it is definitely not on that list. Maybe fab up a 40"x 80" rectangle section of chromoly chain link fence attached with some billet aluminum brackets behind every new SXS and let them rip?


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The 2nd gunman who killed JFK was seen getting away in a UTV.

D.B. Cooper used a UTV to rob that airplane.

The government used a UTV to knock down the World Trade Center

UTVs cause all these pesky forest fires. And global warming.

UTVs are known to the CDC to transmit coronavirus.

The state of Kalifornia has determined that prolonged exposure to UTVs has been known to cause cancer and birth defects in lab rats.


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KM reminds me a lot of Johnny Angal on his way up.
Her abilities are way above the class she currently races in.
I'm confident she can be immediately competitive in a spec truck on her wy to TT stardom.
There are not many ranks in any series in motorsports that a woman regularly schools the men.
IMO, she ranks up there with Shirley Muldowney, Lynn St James, Danica Patrick and the like.
Only difference is she is consistently owning the men where the 3 prior merely were competitive at times.
She is just plain badass!
Kristen & Wayne could be in another class besides UTV, but why? TT Spec, class 10, 1 or TT does not give you any more drivers cred. It definitely does not bring in more sponsors or money. It will cost you more money though as those are all Hobby classes.

In fact Jumping into one of those classes would be a step back for the Matlocks. Look at the sponsorship support they have in UTV. First off they have top notch factory support. What other class are you going to have manufacture support, with money? What about the aftermarket Suspension kit companies that give them parts, with money! Not getting that in TT, Spec TT or 10. Then you have a dozen or more tires brands in the UTV class and they have full Yokohama support, with money. How many tires are in TT or Spec TT? Shock companies already have their teams in TT etc and might not add one more team to the roster. Matlocks have that Shock support in the UTV class and get the best of the best parts from them.

And finally they are beating allot of classes they could be in. So why jump ship to a privateer hobby class with no money or sponsorships in that class?
The comment that somebody made about being able to go and buy a UTV, bolt a couple of parts on and racing makes you a poser but building your own race car doesn't is just plain ridiculous. That would mean that basically every single TT, Spec TT, Class 1 and really every class all the way down to maybe a class 12 car is full of posers. I don't know about you but I cant think of a single "garage built" TT or class 1 car racing today... maybe I am wrong though? Somebody walking into any high end shop (Jimco, Geiser, Mason... etc) is not that different than walking into a motorcycle dealership and buying a UTV other than a large difference in the price tag. I have raced in high end trucks as well as UTV's. I know UTV's can be annoying to deal with when you are in a faster class. Hence why I choose to race my UTV in a UTV only series.

I do however agree with the thought of UTV's changing the terrain. My belief is that the short wheel bases, smaller tires and four wheel drive is what is changing the terrain so much.
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ok, what im mainly seeing on this thread is a nuclear meltdown 😂... all in all UTV's Might be good for the racing scene because it gives race promoters money, but not good to race against (so it seems) but here's the thing, something can only last XX amount of time before it dies off, so when UTVS die off like classes usually do, wtf are people gonna turn to? class 11..
gotta wait for junkyards to fill up with broke di k can am's, kinda like how vw racing used to be cheap& easy with junkyards FULL of bugs, busses, karman ghias, ....

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I feel your pain. I believe it all went to social media sites which i do none of.
There is very little comraderie on RDC anymore.
And post race vids and chatter are all but inaccessible unless you are a social media ho.
i love reading class 5 only, if i race again, i hope the class i can afford is like them

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I agree. And as someone who has contributed to this attitude it does make me wonder why.

Because as many have listed here, there are a lot of great attributes to the UTV scene. From both competitive aspects to practical aspects, like having one vehicle that your whole family can enjoy the desert in.

I think it boils down to a couple things that we in the desert community need to figure out to find a long term sustainable position in.

1. Environmental effects
No one here is saying that a UTV tears stuff up more than a buggy or a TT. But it’s a matter of quantity with the level of decay and issues they cause on terrain. As an MC guy living in Havasu, this is a real issue as there are now areas of our desert that are unrideable due to the Rzr-chop or whatever your circle calls it. As well, many small or even single-line trails are being widened and beat up from UTV use.

I don’t know what the answer is to this one, as more HP and more suspension capabilities and more popularity will make this worse. But the combination of factors here is making a big problem. We are seeing areas stateside and even ranchers in Baja closing areas because of the abuse that UTVs are bringing to the terrain.

2.Culture Issues
Read through the comments and so much frustration is from the bad apples in the UTV crowd that bring the disrespectful, destructive, or dangerous attitudes into racing or recreating. This is hard because this is nothing new. I think about the quad community back in the day. Or even the FMX reputation before it became what it is today.

But the rapid influx of people into the off-road community via the UTV market has for sure introduced a LOT of bad apples.

I think the only possible answer here is education and more intentionality from manufacturers, 3rd party brands, and local organizations/dealers. I don’t think that all the bad apples are complete jerks, but that most of them are just uninformed on how to care for riding areas, how to promote safety in the desert, and how to keep this sport around for future generations.

I do think it’s possible to keep moving forward without making UTVs the demon in the room, but I really think that for the sustainability of our sport and hobby, there need to be real conversations about preserving riding areas with the new reality of UTV traffic and also on educating new UTV owners better
yup, dont scream 'Get off my lawn '!! at a wayward sxs youngster, show him the errors of his ways, dont just give stink eye to a new guy in the surf line up, talk to him/ her and educate on proper etiquette& manners, & help clean up the mess the children leave behind, education& example, our only hope!, not bitching & moaning and screaming get off my lawn

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Well not sure if it counts but I have a few Baja 1000 wins and Norra 1000 wins (OBTW in vehicles I built and prepped myself) under my belt so try me, I might just surprise you with my ability to comprehend the engineering aspect of this.

Every vehicle that goes down the trail creates bumps. If the bumps are getting bad it has more to do with the volume of vehicles than the difference between a metal gear and a rubber belt. The wheelbase also has a lot to do with it which is why the bumps in a moto/quad heavy place like Ocotillo Wells are a lot different than the whoops in San Felipe.
i used to cry about the Carlsbad free way down hill braking bumps, everyone in the lower pits said 'Jon, shut the fu k up & quit your ssssnivling'

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OK so we can't blame chatter bumps on UTV's so whats next? We must have something else we can blame them for. Haha

The stupid sound of UTV's I hate the way they sound.

like a rice burner, with a fart pipe AND an automatic transmission, sounds like a sick waterbuffalo

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well most people are complaining about UTVs so im pretty positive the UTVs are the problem, when was the last time someone posted a thread about how TT and Class 1 are effing up race courses
its The IRON mans fault, he showed every one that its not as ruff as YOU , and Me thought it was, soooo, desert nation had to spend more to keep up, its a visciuos cycle, now its sxs s turn to make us All figure out how to " get over it" & put sxs " chatter bumps " behind us other racers, & let the slower guys bitch about them


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oh they are here to stay no doubt and not saying (all) are a problem but i can tell you they all are pro drivers the day of purchase. you have a class that looks like a production unit to most so when some ass is out doing something stupid in a utv it does not make the class look good. like i said you do not see a tt or a 6100 or a class 10 car running up and down the streets and getting drunk and stupid in the desert but any weekend i can see a utv owner doing that. we all own one but is it good for the sport of desert racing?? not sure it is.
For someone who has something to do with with making a living that has to do wth UTV's out of havasu, its strange you have such a hard stance on them. Unless I'm mistaken on this...

You must not be very active on IG, or social media. There are infact idiots running around in TT, fully built 1450's, and class 1's on roads and doing dumb poop and people look at them as race trucks. Joe blow has no idea what the difference from a 1450 to a TT is.

The UTV/SXS class has brought alot of new money into racing that otherwise wouldn't be there, it has allowed racing organizations to do better races, better events and help fight for land use better. It has made offroad companies grow to sizes they never would have imagined and they in turn support the sport better.

For the record, you can finance a 6100 or a TT. Just ask brenthel. Its all over the classifieds.

The truth of the matter is, Trails are getting beat up from just more use in general. If it wasnt SXS, it would be quads, etc doing the damage. Its a traffic issue, not a vehicle specific issue. Dirt bike tracks get gnarly braking bumps and square edges too from just enough bikes running the same lines...